Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a week...

This week did not go as planned.  The girls and I were originally going to Kansas on Tuesday to stay at Audra's house.  That changed when Audra had sick kiddos and it is a good thing we didn't go.  Jillian got sick on Wednesday and is still not feeling the best.  It all started with a cough last Sunday and just kept getting worse.  By the end it was a bad cold with an ear infection.  She still has a runny nose and horrible cough but seems to be feeling a little better.  The hardest part was it has been beautiful the last 3 days and she hasn't been able to fully enjoy it.  I am hoping she is on the end of this sickness and nobody else in the house gets it.  Here are some pictures from our week.
My sick baby
 Our princess bride
 One thing that I did get done this week was finishing up my first sewing project.  I made a blanket for Hadley from material that she picked out.  It isn't perfect but it is her newest lovey and she sleeps with it every night.  That makes a mommy feel proud.
 Day 2 of feeling yucky
 Thursday was pajama day at school for Hadley.  Here she is ready to go.
 Since I was taking pictures of her she wanted to take on of me and Jillian.  Not to bad.
 Thursday afternoon was beautiful and Hadley had lots of energy.  We sent her out back to run off some energy.  Poor Jillian just watched from inside.

 Friday afternoon I decided that a little fresh air might do Jillian some good.  We even walked to the park.  Jillian rode in the stroller while Hadley rode her scooter.  Then we played play-dough out back.

 Friday night I was folding laundry and Hadley took Mike's pajama pants.  She then wore them around and thought it was pretty funny.
  We had a great day today but I didn't get any pictures.  The morning started with Mike letting me sleep in!  I had been up with Jillian the two nights before.  Next we went to the donut shop to eat and then to Target for new bike helmets.  When we got home Hadley had to test her new helmet out so we went on a walk to the pond and she rode her scooter.  Then it was lunch and rest time.  Nobody was napping so we got up and headed for a walk and to the park.  We ended the night with pizza while watching basketball.  I am sad to say the game was horrible and we turned it off in the second half.  Tomorrow we have church and a relaxing afternoon planned.  I am hoping it will be the start to a good week.

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