Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

My oldest baby is 4 today.  Where has time gone?  It seems like not too long ago we were picking the name Hadley out and wondering what our little girl would look like.  Now we are watching her grow and mature all the time.

 And now a big 4 year old.

Hadley is a very girly girl.  She loves everything princess and girl.  She wakes up in the morning trying to decide what shoes to wear and how to do her hair.  She loves to wear dresses and jewelry.
She is quite the drama queen.  I say that someday she will win an Oscar.  She can act with the best of them.
She loves to play mommy and daughter with Jillian.
She loves going to school but is a little nervous about going to a new school next year.  And she will tell you she is "nervous."
She has quite a vocabulary and amazes me everyday with new words that she knows.
She loves her "school work."  She is just on the verge of reading.  She loves books and can be found many times throughout the day with a book in hand.

Happy Birthday Hadley!  We love you!

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a very relaxing Easter this year.  We started the day checking out what the Easter bunny brought and finding eggs.  Hadley ran around like a crazy woman finding eggs.  Once Jillian found one she was just interested in finding out what kind of candy was inside.  The Easter bunny had to hide plastic eggs this year because we never got any dyed.

 We took a few pictures before we headed to church.  We had to take all of our pictures inside because it rained all day.  Jillian was in no mood to take pictures.  We bought the girls Easter dresses a month or so ago.  Then this week they got a box of Easter goodies from Aunt Tammy, Mike's sister.  In the box were these beautiful dresses and Hadley asked right away if they could wear them on Easter.

 Some have heard this story but I want it in our scrapbook.  A month or so ago Hadley asked me why I never wore dresses to church.  I told her that I really didn't care for dresses.  She asked me when I would wear one.  I told her to ask daddy if I good get a new dress for Easter.  I was actually hoping he would say no mommy doesn't wear dresses.  But instead he said sure.  So I had to go get a new dress to wear for Easter.  Hadley was in our room when I came out of the bathroom dressed.  She said, "Mom you look amazing.  Can I wear that when I am your number."  Even if I don't feel comfortable in dresses it was great to see Hadley so excited about it.

After church and Sunday school we came home for Easter lunch and a relaxing afternoon.  We took naps and had family game time.  It was a very relaxing and nice Easter.

Birthday party #2

 On Saturday we had a birthday party for the girls at our house.  The theme was Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  This is one of Hadley's favorites shows.  It is a newer show so you can't buy anything for birthday parties.  Throw that in with the fact that I didn't want anything with skull and crossbones and there wasn't much to choose from.  We did have pirate bandannas for everyone.  Here is a picture of Mike helping put on Hadley's.  He was a good daddy and wore one too.

 We rented a castle bouncy for the main entertainment.  Hadley jumped on this from about 1:30pm to 6pm.  Needless to say her legs were hurting before bed and she slept hard that night.

 Here are the birthday girls before the party.

 It was raining off and on the day of the party so we set it all up in the driveway and garage.  We had a coloring table, big and little bouncies and a place to dig for gold coins.  The kids all seemed to have a great time and the rain held off for the whole party.

 This is Caroline and I could look at her beautiful face all day.
 I think Hadley enjoyed her cupcake.  Just a side note on the cake, Mike and I had every intention of making a treasure chest cake.  We attempted it on Friday night and it was a flop.  It fell apart and looked like someone had just thrown a cake onto a plate.  We just changed our plans and had cupcakes with gold treasures on top.

The girls received lots of wonderful gifts.  We have been keeping busy with new toys, games, crafts and books. 

 This is what present opening looks like at little kids birthday parties.
The girls had a great party!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jillian's Birthday

Jillian's birthday was full of lots of fun things.  She woke up on her birthday to find a surprise waiting for her.  Her new trike.
 She was very excited and rode it around the house until it was time to go have birthday donuts.  Daddy took us out for donuts before he went to work and Hadley went to school.  Jillian and I spent the morning outside so she could ride her trike.  She loves it and asks to ride it many times a day.  After we picked Hadley up from school we had our weekly lunch date with Katy and Reagan.  Jillian got to pick where she wanted to eat and she picked pizza.  We went to Mazzios.  After lunch it was time for naps and quiet time.  When we got home from tumbling that afternoon we spent some more time out riding bikes.

While I made birthday dinner (pasta salad at the request of Jillian) the girls jumped in their new bouncy that Uncle J and Auntie Cammie got them.  They love this bouncy and it keeps them busy for a good 30 minutes. (These pictures are from another day)

Next up was dinner and cookie cake.  I was a bad mommy and spent so much time outside with the girls that I didn't get a birthday cake made.  Mike picked up a cookie cake on the way home.

Then it was time for the rest of Jillian's presents.  Hadley was just as excited as Jillian.

We took some cookie cake over to share with the neighbors across the street.  They had brought the girls Easter baskets with goodies and we wanted to thank them.  By the time we got home the girls were beat.  We put them to bed and that was the end to a great birthday for Jillian.