Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jillian's Birthday

Jillian's birthday was full of lots of fun things.  She woke up on her birthday to find a surprise waiting for her.  Her new trike.
 She was very excited and rode it around the house until it was time to go have birthday donuts.  Daddy took us out for donuts before he went to work and Hadley went to school.  Jillian and I spent the morning outside so she could ride her trike.  She loves it and asks to ride it many times a day.  After we picked Hadley up from school we had our weekly lunch date with Katy and Reagan.  Jillian got to pick where she wanted to eat and she picked pizza.  We went to Mazzios.  After lunch it was time for naps and quiet time.  When we got home from tumbling that afternoon we spent some more time out riding bikes.

While I made birthday dinner (pasta salad at the request of Jillian) the girls jumped in their new bouncy that Uncle J and Auntie Cammie got them.  They love this bouncy and it keeps them busy for a good 30 minutes. (These pictures are from another day)

Next up was dinner and cookie cake.  I was a bad mommy and spent so much time outside with the girls that I didn't get a birthday cake made.  Mike picked up a cookie cake on the way home.

Then it was time for the rest of Jillian's presents.  Hadley was just as excited as Jillian.

We took some cookie cake over to share with the neighbors across the street.  They had brought the girls Easter baskets with goodies and we wanted to thank them.  By the time we got home the girls were beat.  We put them to bed and that was the end to a great birthday for Jillian.

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Jennifer said...

What a fun day! :) I love the icing face! :)
Kaden got a trike just like Jillian's (only boy colors). :)