Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Party

Since the girls birthdays are only a week apart we decided to have one big birthday party.  I think we will continue to do this until they figure it out :)  Their party was on the 21st at BounceU.  They had a great time and wanted to stay longer.  It was great to have so many friends to celebrate with.

 Mike is a great dad and spent most of the party going down slides with the girls.  I don't know who was having more fun!

 This was the best group picture we could get.  I think the kiddos were ready for some cake.
 The girls each picked out their own cakes.  Jillian wanted Olivia.
 Hadley wanted Scooby Doo.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with the girl.  A good time was had by all.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 years old

On the 19th my baby girl turned 3 years old.  I am still in shock that it was 3 years ago that I was being told "It's a girl."  When she woke up that morning she walked into our room, stood by the bed and said, "Look mom, I grew and I am 3."  She was so excited for her birthday.  We started the day with presents.  She got a new baby doll and lots of things to go with her baby.  She is very into babies and promises to be a big help when baby brother gets here.

 After presents it was time for birthday cinnamon rolls.
 She took treats to school that day and then picked Chick-Fil-A for her birthday dinner. I think she had a great day.  Here are a few things I don't want to forget about my 3 year old Jillian.
  • Jillian loves her belly button.  She likes to put her finger in her belly button and does so whenever she is nervous, upset or tired.  She also can't go to sleep without her finger in her belly button.  Guess she will never be without her security item.
  • She is not fond of school and tells me on the way to school that it should be a stay with mommy day.  She has fun once she is there and only goes 2 mornings a week.
  • Jillian loves to do all things Hadley does and thinks Hadley hung the moon.  I love to watch them together as long as they are not fighting :)
  • Jillian will eat about anything but loves meatballs and meatloaf.  She is her daddy's child.
  • Jillian loves to play outside.
  • Jillian is a cuddlebug.
  • Jillian has 2 nicknames, Jilli and JJ.  Although if you call her one and she wants to be called something else she will tell you.
We love you Jillian Ruth!

Last week was parent observation for Hadley's ballet, tap and jazz class.  She was excited to show me everything she has learned.  She really loves the jazz part of class.  I tried to get a few pictures of our dancer.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New nephew

On Wednesday, April 18th I was blessed with a new nephew.  Jessica was really trying to hold out until the 19th so Jillian and her cousin could share a birthday.  I think Will had other plans.  Introducing William Matheson Bryson.  I think he is pretty adorable and wish I was there to love on him.

Weekend with Grandpa and Grandma

A couple of weekends ago Hadley and Jillian got to go spend the weekend in Kansas with Grandpa Kent and Grandma Terry.  They had been counting down the days for weeks.  Mike and I stayed in Oklahoma to move into the apartment.  I wanted the girls to come home from Kansas and have the apartment all set up like home.  Thank you Dad and Terry for watching the girls.
While the girls were in Belle Plaine it was their annual Tulip Time festival.  The girls were busy and had a great time.  They didn't even know about the tornadoes that were all around them.  There mom on the other hand was in tears on the couch all Saturday evening praying for their safety.  I kept an eye on the radar all night.  I get my worrying gene from my Grandma Sisson.

 Grandma Terry curled the girls hair and they loved it.

 Showing off the new wings Grandma and Grandpa bought them.

 I love this picture.  It sums up life with these girls.  The adult around is always in charge of holding baby and the girls are always singing or talking.  Never a dull moment and who would want one (ok, maybe I would take a couple a day).
 The girls are already asking when their next sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa will be.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A few weeks ago Jillian had parent observation day at tumbling.  She loves her tumbling class.  There are 5 kids in the class and they have a great time.  It is so much fun to watch Jillian.  Here are a few pictures from her class (she was moving the whole time so the shots were limited).

Easter (a little late)

Wow, it has been awhile since my last post.  Life has just happened.  We are officially moved into our spacious 2 bedroom apartment and close on our house this week.  Next step is continuing to pray that they get started on our new house.  We have also thrown in birthdays and lots of other things in the last few weeks.  Hopefully I will be caught up on blogging soon.
Back to Easter...
I only got pictures of the girls before church.  We didn't even get a picture as a family.  We woke up and the girls found the eggs the Easter bunny had hid and found some gifts he had left.  Hadley is convinced she saw a shadow in the backyard that morning and it was the Easter bunny hopping away.  She told that story quite a few times on Easter.  We had a beautiful church service and came home to day of finishing packing and cleaning.  I wish we could have spent the day with extended family but this move has consumed our life :)
Here are my beautiful girls.