Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th of July

Guess I better post about the 4th of July before the month is officially over.  We had a relaxing 4th of July.  Mike took the girls swimming in the afternoon while Trenton and I stayed inside.  Then we headed to the church to watch the fireworks.  Our Sunday School class met there to let the kiddos play on the playground and watch the fireworks.  I went along and spent some time in the cool church.  I did take Trenton out to see the fireworks.

Here are the kiddos all decked out in red, white and blue.

Trenton didn't let the festivities stop him from sleeping.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

First few days home

These are pictures from Trenton's first few days at home.  My mom was here for his first week which made life a lot easier.  The girls love having a new brother to love on and the new still has not worn off for them.  They ask all the time to hold him and love to be right where he is.  I sometimes have to remind them to give him his space.
Loving on their brother as soon as he got home from the hospital.

I had an audience while I was nursing Trenton.

Lady and the girls went swimming to beat the summer heat.

Olivia holding Trenton for the first time.

Reagan hold Trenton.

Alex and Trenton.

Headed to his first doctor's visit.  He is one healthy boy!
Time for his first bath. 

That weekend Granny came to meet Trenton.

At the hospital

With Trenton turning 4 weeks old tomorrow I guess it is time to get caught up on the blog.  This transition from 2 to 3 kids has taking some getting used to.  I think we are finally getting a handle on things.  We actually made it to church this morning for the first time as a family of 5 and we were on time (even with an outfit change as we walked out the door).  So now to start with out days at the hospital.
I will start with Trenton's birth story.  I had been having contractions off and on for 3 weeks and was convinced I was never going to go into labor.  I had been dialated to 2cm for 4 weeks and had no change.  We had even scheduled an induction for July 2 if we didn't have a baby by then.  On Sunday, June 24th the girls and I got up and went to church.  Mike had to work in Bartlesville that day.  I had a few contractions at church but nothing consistent.  We went home and I got the girls' lunch ready.  I started having contractions every 15 minutes and just went about our day.  Vacation Bible School was starting that night and I needed to be at church at 5pm for a leaders meeting.  My contractions continued and even were 5 minutes apart for an hour.  Then around 4pm they stopped.  So I got ready and headed to church. 
While I was sitting in the meeting at church my contractions started to get strong and were every 5 minutes.  I didn't want to get up and walk out of the meeting so I waited it out.  I thought my friend Niki was going to make me leave, I think I was worrying her :)  The meeting ended and Mike was just dropping the girls off for VBS.  I told him I thought it was time to go call the doctor.  We told the girls what was going on and made plans for them to go home with Niki after VBS.  I decided I could at least drive home (we had 2 cars at church).  This may not have been the best idea.  At least the worst contraction came when I was stopped at a stop sign and nobody was behind me.  We got home and called the doctor.  He said to head to the hospital and get checked. 
When we got to the hospital my contractions once again decided to slow down.  They checked me and I was still only 2 cm.  They wanted to watch me for an hour because my blood pressure was high.  After an hour the doctor said since I was 39 weeks and my blood pressure was high he was going to admit me and basically induce me.  I was fine with this.  After weeks of contractions I was ready to have a baby.  They got me settled in my room and Mike headed home to get the girls to bed and wait for my mom. 
The night was pretty uneventful.  Mike slept and I tossed and turned because of my contractions.  Around 7am they started pitocin.  This really got my contractions going.  Then it was time from my epidural.  After that it was 2 hours and baby Trenton was here.  At one point I said I need to push and the nurse said you need to wait because the doctor isn't on the floor yet.  I was just praying I could wait and I did.

Here are the first pictures of our little man.

The men in my life!
My mom brought the girls up about an hour after he was born.  I couldn't wait to see them and they could not wait to see their new brother.

Lady and her 10th grandbaby.

Gifts for the big sisters.

First bath
The rest of our first day was spent getting to know our new baby.  The next morning the girls came back for another visit.

My good friend Jill came to visit.
The next day it was time to head home.