Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of school for Jillian

Last Thursday was Jillian's last day of school.  She has loved school this year and did not want it to end.  She loves her Ms. LaVon and is going to miss her dearly.  Here are my annual comparison pictures from the first and last days of school.

Here she is on the first day of school in August.
And her she is on her last day of school.
I think my baby girl is growing  up.

More pictures from my phone

I hope I haven't put everyone on picture overload :)

Jillian got these cool Minnie Mouse ears from Lady for her birthday.
 Jillian getting her trophy and flowers at her tumbling performance.
 The girls and their dolls match.
 Lady and some of her girls.
 Daddy's boy
 Pictures in the drop-off line
 Nice day at the park.

 We joined Hadley for her birthday celebration at school.
 Jillian used her gift card from Aunt Tammy to buy Ella a soccer uniform.
 The newest mess maker at our house.
 I got to go with Hadley and her class to the zoo.  This is my monkey.
 We had to break out the teething necklace.
 This girl sure does keep me on my toes.
 This picture sums up the girls personalities (and I hear it was pretty much the same way for my sister and me).
 My babies on Mother's Day.
 Jillian with Ms. LaVon and Jillian L. on their last day of school.
 The girls showing off their fancy jewels that Auntie Jessica sent them.
 After 10 months Little Man and I actually used the jogging stroller for a run.
 Pictures after Hadley's dance recital.

Pictures from my phone

 Here are some random phone pictures.

The girls helping Daddy plant flowers.

 Trenton fell in trying to get a toy.

Hadley got a medal for her tball tournament.

 I call her Kung Fu Jillian

 Trenton fell asleep in the swing at church. 

 Maybe he will be a musician???

 I got to go to school and eat lunch with Hadley.
 One of the many faces of Jillian.
 Batting practice with Daddy.

 My cute ducks in Austin.

 Helping Mommy with the dishes.

Birthday Party

This year for the girls' birthday party we decided on a pancakes and pajamas party.  The girls love pancakes and they love to be in their pajamas so it was the perfect theme.  Mike made all the pancakes and then made cake batter pancakes for their "cakes".  I think they had a great party.  Hard to believe we have a 6 year old and a 4 year old.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jillian's program

During the first week of May, Jillian had her end of year school program.  She had been singing the songs for weeks and was so excited to perform.  She even told me exactly what she wanted to wear and how she wanted her hair.  She is growing up.
Here she is all ready to go.

 She is right in the middle of the next picture.
 With Daddy and brother after her performance.
She did a great job!!!  She is going to miss going to school at Faith but is so excited to go to the "big" school next year.