Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 months

Trenton was 10 months old on April 25th.  He is becoming quite the fast guy and does not like to sit still for pictures.  I thought the 10  month mark might bring sleeping through the night but I was wrong.  It could be the trip to Texas or the fact that he had a cold and now he has a tooth trying to pop through.  At least we are back to only waking up once or twice a night.  That is much better than every hour.  Trenton's personality is really coming out these days.  He loves to have his sisters chase him around the kitchen island.  They will jump out and say boo and he will laugh and scream.  He has also figured out how to growl if he doesn't like something.  This happens a lot in his highchair.  He is not a fan of food or a sippy cup.  He wants his food from mom and only mom.  He loves when he hears Mike come through the door at night.  He starts squealing and will head right for the door.  It is so sweet to watch.

Here are a few of his 10 month pictures.

We love you Little Man!

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