Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiddie Park

We have been wanting to make a trip to the Kiddie Park all summer.  With it being so hot and lots of busy weekends we just had not made it.  This last weekend we had no plans and our friends Jill and Philip were planning to go, so we decided it was a great time to go.  I am glad we did because it was the last night they were open for the season.  Just like the times before the kids had a blast!  It was warm but nothing unbearable.  The girls both loved the "bummpy" cars.  Hadley was the driver and I might be a little scared of our future :)

Here are the girls ready to go have some fun.
 The first ride the girls picked was the roller coaster.  We had just read a book from the library called Roller Coaster" and Jillian was very excited.  Once we got closer in line she got quiet and asked if I was riding with her.  I decided to avoid crying during the ride I better join them.  We all three crammed into the little seat and were ready for fun.  It was a fun time but jerked you around.  Jillian didn't really care for it but Hadley loved it.
 This is Jillian saying no more roller coaster.

 Time for the bumper cars or bumpy cars as the girls call them.  They loved these so much we had to wait in the long line to ride them twice.  Once Hadley figured the pedals out they were could to go and they loved running into Peter and Harry.  Of course Peter and Harry loved running into them as well.

 The next ride Hadley and Peter wanted to ride on was the Tilt-a-Whirl.  Jillian and Harry were not as excited and decided a train ride would be better.  I am glad they opted for a train ride because I think Jillian would have been green after this ride.  There was a little girl that I was afraid wasn't going to make it on the ride.  Luckily Peter and Hadley loved it.
 I love this picture.  Peter and Hadley can have a great time together and they can get on each other's nerves as well.  They are quite competitive with each other. They got along great this night.  We will probably have to use this picture to tease them as they get older.
  Time for a groovy picture.  Too bad I couldn't get everyone to look at me at once.

 Poor Caroline was too young to ride anything by herself.  I am sure next year she will be loving it all.  Jill decided to take her on a ride with all the kiddos.  I think they all enjoyed it.
 The last ride of the night for us was the carousel.  This has always been a favorite of Hadley's.

We had a great night and can't wait to go back next summer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tumbling, Granny and PreK

On Friday, Jillian started her tumbling class.  She was very excited and started asking if it was time to go right when she got up that morning.  It was fun to watch her in a class.  She did great and had a lot of fun.  I think her favorite part was the sucker at the end.  Here she is waiting for class to start.

Mike's mom came to visit this weekend.  On Saturday, Hadley and I had a baby shower to go to.  While we were there, Mike, Granny and Jillian spent the morning at the aquarium.  That afternoon we all went shopping.  Granny bought the girls new school outfits.  They loved shopping with Granny.  Here are the girls and Granny.
Jillian and Granny at the aquarium.
The girls had a great time with Granny and didn't want her to leave.  We were glad she was able to come for the weekend.
Today was Hadley's first full morning of school and she was very excited.  She had to make sure she had just the right outfit on and all the accessories.  I got a few pictures before she went in.
Hadley and her teacher, Mrs. Fleming
 Waiting in the drop off line.
Hadley and Reagan, friends since they were born.
Hadley got into the car at pick-up and talked a mile a minute.  She loved everything at school.  It is going to be fun year!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

School days, school days...

Our summer has come to an end and it is time for school to start.  We have had a great summer but I am ready to get back into a routine.  I am a little sad that we now have to be somewhere 5 mornings a week and can't stay home for jammie day.  I am sure we will survive.  Hadley has been talking about the first day of school since our vacation to Texas.  While we were there we let her pick out a first day of school outfit.  Our girly girl could not wait to wear it.  On Tuesday we went to finish paper work and meet her teacher.  I will tell you that at one point when I was in the first of two paper work lines and had been there for 30 minutes already, I was considering walking out and just forgetting the whole school thing.  But then I remembered it wasn't about me and Hadley will thrive at school.  She is such a social little girl and wants to learn about everything.  I am so excited to see all the new things she learns this year.  She loved meeting her teacher and I know they are going to have fun this year.
Today was her first day of school.  She only went for an hour this morning with 4 of her classmates.  Monday will be her first full morning of school with all 22 students there.  We celebrated the first day of school by going out for donuts with daddy.  We also had to take a few pictures before leaving.

Jillian was on the run this morning and it was hard to get a picture of her.  She wanted to go to school this morning but will have to wait a few more weeks.
So yes, I am the mom that will probably cry on the first day of school every year.  I won't say I cry because I am sad, I am just not good with change.  I am very excited for my kids to do new things and grow-up but I also like to keep them close and under my wing.  We have considered home schooling but I am just not sure that would be the right fit for Hadley and me.  She is more like me than I like to admit.  I know Hadley could tell I was having a hard time this morning.  I think I told her I loved her a million and one times.  On the way to school  I was talking to her and going over rules and manners with an I love you and you will have fun stuck in there about every other sentence.  Finally Hadley stops me and says, "Mom, stop whining.  I know all this stuff and will be fine."  Then we pulled up to drop off and her teacher started getting her out of the car and she about forgot to say goodbye to me.  She was to busy telling her teacher all about something.  I am sure she will talk her teacher's ear off by the end of the year... or month :)
When I picked her up from school she talked a mile a minute about everything.  She kept stressing that they had kid sized computers.  She also said there was a real dog there but didn't scream and stayed in line.  If you know Hadley this is a big deal.  She said, "Mom, it was short and I didn't even need my kissing hand.  But I might need it on Monday when I am there longer."  I said she was probably right.  I didn't want to tell her that I had to use my kissing hand a few times in the hour she was gone and I think Jillian did too.  We tried to keep busy at the library and grocery store but felt a little lost without our Hadley.  I am sure we will get used to the change and it will all be good!  Now off to the first dance class of the year.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This last weekend my dad and Terry were in town to Volunteer at the Professional Bull Riding event.  We got to spend some time with them when they weren't at the event. The girls had a great time playing with Grandma Terry and Grandpa Kent.  They loved the school supplies they brought them.  Most of the weekend was spent coloring and cutting.  We went to the Philbrook Museum on Saturday for their free 2nd Saturday program.  I think everyone really enjoyed it.  Here are the girls doing artwork with Grandma and Grandpa.

 Grandpa and Jillian looking at pictures on Grandpa's phone.
 Grandma and Hadley coloring.

 More art time.
 It was a fun weekend.  This week we have been gearing up for school to start.  Hadley got to meet her teacher today and is very excited for her first day.  I am still having a hard time with the fact that she will be in school 5 mornings a week.  Seems like the last four years have flown by.  I know she will have a great time and love every minute of school.  I am sure going to miss having my buddy with me.  I am really excited about the PreK program she is in .  Her classroom is in an assisted living/nursing home.  It is a very unique program.  You can read about it here. 
Jillian is also getting very excited about school starting.  She will be going to school at the same place Hadley did last year.  She will be going 2 mornings a week and starts in September.  I am not sure I will know what to do with myself on those two mornings :)
The girls also start dance and tumbling this week.  Hadley is taking a ballet/tap/jazz class and Jillian is taking a tumbling class.  It is going to be busy and fun school year! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot days

This summer has been one of the hottest summers ever.  I never thought I would be so excited to finally see highs in the 90's. I am hoping the cooler weather is here to stay.  I am also hoping that our air conditioner holds up.  Last Tuesday when the high hit 113 our A/C decided to quit working.  The girls and I spent the hottest part of that day at the pool. 
The day before that I had decided to document what we were doing to beat the heat.  We started the day dancing to our Vacation Bible School DVD. 
 Then on to hours and hours of coloring.  I kid you not this girl could color all day.
 Time to check the temperature, a cool 111 degrees.
 Time to get in the toy box and play.

 Video game time while mom makes a meal.
 And maybe some dancing in the kitchen.
I am sure we did a few more things but these are all the pictures I had.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time with Lady

Last Thursday morning I heard this question more than one time, "When will Lady be here?".  The girls could not wait for their Lady to come visit for a few days.  I was excited to see my mom but I was also excited to get a weekend away with my hubby.  Mike and I headed to Manhattan on Friday for a weekend away.  We relaxed, shopped, saw 2 movies, had dinner with friends and I ran a 10K.  It was a great weekend.  While we were away the girls and Lady were having a great time.

 On Monday we decided to have some more girl bonding time and went for pedicures.  The girls were wearing their new K-State headbands.

 Time for some pampering and relaxation.  Note to self getting a pedicure with a 2 year old is fun but not relaxing.

 The finished product.

 Two very happy girls.
  We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the house doing a little dress-up.

 I had planned to make a good dinner that night and just enjoy the last night of my mom being at our house.  That isn't exactly what happened.  Late afternoon I headed into the office to check my e-mail.  I walked in as I usually do and ran right into the wheel of my mom's suitcase.  I screamed and fell onto the mattress that was set up in there.  I knew something was not right but thought maybe I had just hit my toe really hard.  After a trip to Ergent Care I found out that I had broken my toe.  What a bummer.  The doctor said not to run for 3 weeks and I think that is what upset me the most.  I have finally hit a place in my running where I feel like I am getting somewhere.  I am 8 weeks out from my half marathon and am afraid that this may set me back a long way.  Oh well that is life.  I am just hoping it heals faster than the doctor thinks.  I was glad my mom was able to stay with the girls while Mike took me to Ergent Care.  Not the evening I planned.
Tuesday we took Lady to the airport to head out to see Jessica, Matt and Sophia.  We were sad to see her leave but happy for her to get some time with the Bryson family.
Thanks Mom for all of your help!