Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What do you do on an ice day?

We with beans....

watch tv while playing the xylophone...

dance in our tutu....

play the piano...

hide in our princess tent...

And that is all before nap time. What will we do after nap?

Monday, January 26, 2009

26 weeks

I get weekly e-mails to update me on my pregnancy. This was the cartoon with this week's information.

I am still feeling good just big. The heartburn is in full force but that just means another kiddo with lots of hair.

No belly picture this week. I will try and get one next week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

I am joining 4Little Men and Girly Twins again for her random picture challenge.

Here is Picture number 30 from August 2007

Hadley, 4 months old, sleeping with her legs sticking out of the crib.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Boy am I glad it is Friday. It has been one of those weeks where I wake up tired and stay tired all day. I am glad to have Mike home for the weekend to help out and for his wonderful company :) I mean it is Friday night, he is playing Playstation 3 and I am on the computer.
It was a pretty uneventful week. We had our usual playgroups and Hadley had her first Little Gym class. She had a good time. She did fall while we were there and bruised her cheek. But she bounced right back.
Here are a few pictures from today.
Playing playdough.

Telling mommy, "Stop." Guess she was done with the pictures.

Dancing queen who refuses to wear a shirt.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cookie Monster

Yesterday I decided that Hadley and I should make chocolate chip cookies. Mike had a late meeting and we needed something to break the evening up. We had a lot of fun making a mess and cookies. Hadley stirred all of the dry ingredients for me and even snuck a few chocolate chips in her mouth. She also grabbed the spatula to lick the cookie dough off (she is my child).
While we had some of the cookies baking I had to run to the bathroom. Hadley was playing in her kitchen area, or so I thought. Just as I was walking out of the bathroom ( I was gone for 1 minute at the most) I heard a crash. Here are a few pictures of what I found next...

When I first got in there she was double fisting the cookies in as fast as she could. All I could do was laugh and run to get the camera. She didn't eat much dinner after this because she was so full of cookies. But she was on a sugar high running around the house.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friends and books

Friends and books are two of Hadley's favorite things. So it is even better when she can combine the two. On Monday my friend Jennifer and her little girl Sarah were able to come over and play. The girls always have a great time together and this time was no different. At one point the were both in the rocking chair looking at books together. Sarah even put her arm around Hadley.
And I had to throw in a picture of Hadley reading a K-State book and giving a thumbs up sign. And yes she is wearing her tutu in all the pictures. It is a must at our house these days.

Monday, January 19, 2009


On Sunday night we had a chili cook-off and hymn sing at church. The last time we had a hymn sing, Hadley loved it. This time was the same. Here are a couple of pictures I got of her center stage just dancing away. She was the center of attention and loved every minute of it.

Trip to Winfield

Last Wednesday, Hadley and I headed to Winfield to spend a few days. We had Barrett's 1st birthday party to go to on Saturday and wanted to spend some time with everyone before then. After we got there on Wednesday night, Jordan, Cammie and the kiddos came to mom's to hang out and eat pizza. It was a fun time and the kids were crazy as always.
On Thursday, we woke up to a beautiful snow and 9 degrees. It was cold. Hadley and I packed up to spend the day at Audra and Lydia's. Megan and Norah Kate were able to make it out to play also. We had a great time hanging out and letting the kiddos play.
Thursday night I was able to go out to eat with all my girlfriends in Winfield. Mom and Cammie had yoga so Jordan got to babysit all three kiddos. Hadley seemed to have a great time and even saved her poopy diaper for Uncle J.
Friday was another day of playing and then dinner at the Triangle. After dinner we headed out to Granny and Grandpa's to visit.
Saturday was Barrett's party and then we headed back to Tulsa. Hadley was missing her daddy and has been attached to his hip since we got back. Good thing he had today off.
Here are some of the pictures from our trip.
The first things Hadley unpacked were her tutu and Dora books.

Hadley and Brennen fishing in the living room.

Like father, like son


A game of checkers with Grandlady

Fun in Lydia's playroom

Lydia and Norah Kate

Lydia, always smiling :)

Hadley doing Lydia's hair

Another group shot

This is how much they love to sit still.

We had a great trip and loved seeing everyone. Can't wait to do it again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Picture

I am taking the random picture challenge from 4 Little Men. This is picture #8 from January 2008. This is Hadley and her good friend Reagan.

Happy Birthday Barrett!

Happy First Birthday to our friend Barrett. I am glad we got to come to your party.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

This picture is from January of 2008. I love looking back at pictures from a year ago to see how far Hadley has come. She still loves this car.

For more Thousand Words Thursday go to Cheaper Than Therapy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

24 weeks

According to, Baby #2 is as long as an ear of corn. I think my baby is a dancing ear of corn. This baby is a mover. Hadley would always kick or punch me in the sides of my belly. This baby dances on my bladder and I am not kidding. The movements are all very low. Kind of a funny feeling. Sometimes I wonder if a foot will pop out at any time :)
I had my 24 week appointment today and everything looks good. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal but that could have been because I had Hadley and wanted her to behave. She did great of course and kept asking where the "doc-doc" (doctor) was. Then when he came in the room she hid behind a chair.
Here is my 24 week belly shot with the cutest 20 month old I know. This was on the way out the door for church, the only time I can wrestle my daughter into a dress and tights. But the nursery workers say that she usually takes or tights off once or twice.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Saturday was a very special day in our house. It was the day Hadley first stated where she wants to go to college, K-State.
She actually said K-State for the first time when neither Mike or I were around. We dropped her off at the church nursery so we could have dinner with our Sunday School Class. One of the men saw her all decked out in her K-State outfit and said, "Is that your Kansas outfit?" He said she turned to him and said, "No, K-State." (That's my girl, wouldn't want anyone to think we were Jayhawks) He tried to get her to say it again and she wouldn't.

When Mike and I picked her up I pointed to her shirt and asked her what it said and she said K-State. We were so proud. I think we got more excited about this than her first word.
Here are just a few of the pictures of her in her K-State gear from the last 20 months. We have not been brain washing or anything...

Saturday morning fun...

Saturday mornings are one of my favorite parts of the week. I love waking up and staying in my pajamas and just hanging out. There is usually cleaning and things to do but for some reason I just don't think they need done on Saturday mornings.
This weekend we let Mike sleep in an extra hour and Hadley and I played dress-up and dancing. Then we woke up daddy to make us pancakes. He is the pancake maker in the house. I just can't seem to get that flipping thing down.
After breakfast I watched a DVRd episode of ER while Hadley played and Mike read the paper. Then I was able to get on the webcam with my sister and mom. We talked for an hour and it was great. I think the webcam might be the best Christmas present ever.
While I was on the webcam Mike and Hadley played and played. This is how I found them in the tent at one point.

The rest of our weekend has been very relaxing. We had our monthly meal out with our Sunday school class on Saturday night. And then church and a lazy day today.