Thursday, June 13, 2013

Phone pictures

Here are the latest pictures from my phone.

The last week of May the Hittle family came for a visit.  It was great to have friends visiting.  We went bowling one afternoon. 
Caroline and Lydia
 Audra and Trenton
 The girls modeling their new swimsuits for the summer.
 My running partners one Sunday afternoon.  Not my fastest or longest run but the company made it the best!

Jillian and Hadley love to match these days.

 First trip to the pool of the summer.  It was very cold!!!
 New jewels from Granny and Grandad. 
 Trenton's first trip to the pool.
 My two water bugs!

 Hadley is in to writing prayers these days.  We call her Pastor Hadley :)  This one says Dear Lord, You are wonderful and nice.  You forgive and send your son Jesus down in your name.  We love it.  In your name, Amen.
 The girls attended a music camp at a local church this week.  Here they are after their concert.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Three years ago we started the tradition of doing the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k for Colon and Rectal Cancer research.  We do this race each year in memory of my Uncle Doug.  The race is always on the Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend.  After our non-sleeping vacation to Texas we made the decision to not have any over nights stays away from home for a very long time.  So we made a up and back trip to Kansas on Sunday.  It was a fun trip.  We started the trip with a visit to Winfield to visit Grandpa Sisson.

 After visiting Grandpa we made a quick stop for lunch with my mom before she had to go to work.  Then we headed to Dad and Terry's to spend the afternoon before the race.  Brennen and Brylee were spending the week there and the girls were very excited for cousin time.

The only way to get a picture of Brennen was to tell him it was for Auntie Jessica :)
 Daddy and Trenton
 Jillian and Brylee blowing bubbles.
 It isn't a trip to Grandpa Kent's without driving the lawn mower.

Hadley doing some modeling :)
 My little man is growing up.
 Before the race pictures.

Here are some pictures from the race.  Hadley, Jillian, Brennen and Brylee all walked the 1 mile fun run with Dad and Terry.  Then Mike and I, Hadley, Jillian and Trenton walked the 5K.  Jillian only made it through the first half of the 5K and then she was done and stayed with Dad and Terry while we finished.

It was a fun time and we look forward to it each year.

Last Day of School for Hadley

Hadley finished up school on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.  It was a hard day for her.  She wasn't quite ready for school to be over and said more than once that she would be ok with going to school all summer.  She has a love for school.  She also loved her teacher Mrs. Green and her assistant Mrs. Frank.  Good news is that Mrs.Green is looping with her class to 1st grade.  It will be so nice for Hadley to know her teacher and not have to go through the getting to know you phase at the beginning of the school year.  We know 1st grade will be just as awesome as Kindergarten was for her.  The sad news is that Mrs. Frank will stay assisting in Kindergarten.  Hadley was very upset about this but Mrs. Green assured her she could go visit Mrs. Frank next year.

Here is Hadley on the first day of Kindergarten with Mrs.Green.

And here she is on the last day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Green.

Here she is with Mrs. Frank.

11 months

On May 25th Trenton turned 11 months old.  Hard to believe his first birthday is just around the corner.  During his 11 month he has spent a lot of time learning to walk.  He isn't a pro yet but does take 5 to 6 steps on his own.  He is also still trying to get his first tooth to pop through the gum.  You can feel it but it is still not through.  He did tease us with one week of sleeping through the night and then changed his mind again.  He has become a great nap taker so we will take what we can get.  He still has no interest in a sippy cup or table food.  He throws both of these things right onto the floor.  He knows what he wants (reminds me of his oldest sister).  He is a Daddy's boy these days and it is so fun to watch.  He loves when Mike gets home from work and starts screaming for him right away.

He was on the go again for his 11 month picture and I only got one good one.  He looks like such a big boy in this picture.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of school for Jillian

Last Thursday was Jillian's last day of school.  She has loved school this year and did not want it to end.  She loves her Ms. LaVon and is going to miss her dearly.  Here are my annual comparison pictures from the first and last days of school.

Here she is on the first day of school in August.
And her she is on her last day of school.
I think my baby girl is growing  up.

More pictures from my phone

I hope I haven't put everyone on picture overload :)

Jillian got these cool Minnie Mouse ears from Lady for her birthday.
 Jillian getting her trophy and flowers at her tumbling performance.
 The girls and their dolls match.
 Lady and some of her girls.
 Daddy's boy
 Pictures in the drop-off line
 Nice day at the park.

 We joined Hadley for her birthday celebration at school.
 Jillian used her gift card from Aunt Tammy to buy Ella a soccer uniform.
 The newest mess maker at our house.
 I got to go with Hadley and her class to the zoo.  This is my monkey.
 We had to break out the teething necklace.
 This girl sure does keep me on my toes.
 This picture sums up the girls personalities (and I hear it was pretty much the same way for my sister and me).
 My babies on Mother's Day.
 Jillian with Ms. LaVon and Jillian L. on their last day of school.
 The girls showing off their fancy jewels that Auntie Jessica sent them.
 After 10 months Little Man and I actually used the jogging stroller for a run.
 Pictures after Hadley's dance recital.