Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving in Kansas.

Grandpa Kent and Jillian
Brylee lounging after lunch.
Jordan, Cammie and Brylee
Just proof that a $9 haircut is not always good.
Brennen and Hadley live in concert.
Alex enjoying the music.
Granny Jean and Jillian
I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. Guess I was too busy stuffing my face :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess who I got to meet.....

On Saturday my mom, Jillian and I were able to go and meet Ree, the Pioneer Woman. If you don't know who she is check out her blog it is great. My sister got me her cookbook as an early birthday present and I took it to get it signed. We headed to Ponca City around 9am to get a number for when she started signing books at 1pm. We were numbers 44 and 45. Not bad! We did a little shopping at the bookstore. Here are Jillian and Lady doing a little shopping. I had never been to Brace Books before but can now call it a place I would love to spend hours. They have everything from books, toys, kitchen gadgets to games. After shopping for a little bit we went and met my stepdad for some Italian food for lunch. Then it was back to the bookstore to meet Ree. She was a nice in person as she sounds on her blog. She thought Jillian was adorable. It was a great day!
I have already planned a few meals from the cookbook and this is in the oven as I type this.

Here we are with Ree.
Here is a picture from that morning. Hadley went on a date with dad while we headed to Ponca City.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for...

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for so many things. Here are just a few:
  • God
  • my wonderful husband
  • my beautiful girls
  • my loving family
  • my fabulous friends
  • freedom
My list could go on and on. I hope that everyone has wonderful Thanksgiving.

Here is Hadley on her first Thanksgiving, November 2007.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trip to Kansas

Once again I am behind on blogging. We can't not seem to stay well at this house. With sick kids I get behind on everything and blogging is far down on the list of things to do. Luckily Mike took today off and I was able to get caught up on everything. I love having an extra set of hands around during the day.

Last weekend the girls and I headed to Kansas for a couple of birthday parties. Our first stop was Brennen's 5th birthday pizza party. We had a great time. Hadley was one of the younger kids there and watched all the bigger kids. She ate at the table with them and at one point told me to leave her alone. She was probably mad that I made her wear a bib and cut her food up in front of the big kids.

Here are Lady, Brylee and Hadley at the party.

Jillian and Grandma Terry
The big 5 year old birthday boy.
Lady and Brylee
Eryn and Ethan enjoying the pizza.
This one is blurry but the only close up I got of Ethan. He would look away when he saw my camera.
Time to blow out the candles.
The partying made this girl tired.
Our next party stop was at the Hittle house for Lydia's 2nd birthday. I am sad to say my batteries died after only one picture. Here is the birthday girl.
Funny story about Lydia's party. While we were there and the kids were playing, Hadley found a pair of dress-up shoes. She wore them around for the whole party. I think we were there for 2 hours. That night about 1am she woke up screaming and saying her legs hurt. I rubbed them for the longest time and she continued to scream. After about 30 minutes of rubbing she fell back asleep. The next morning she limped around and still complained of her calves (or cavities as she called them) hurting. I am convinced it was from the heels she was wearing at Lydia's.

Here is the princess in her dress that she insists go everywhere with us. She also sleeps in this dress.
Jillian having fun at Lady's.
Check out these beautiful brown eyes.
Auntie Cammie and Jillian
The way Hadley is looking at Brennen in this picture says it all. She looks up to him and wants to do everything he does.
Where did they go?
Time for some Operation.
We had a great time with everyone. Our trip was cut short when Hadley woke up at 4am Monday morning throwing-up. We were suppose to have a fun playdate but headed home instead. She is slowly getting back to herself.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Every couple of months I get in a baking mood. Yesterday just happened to be one of those days. So I put my trusty assistant to work and we made turkey cookies.

Here we are getting ready to decorate our sugar cookies.First we needed candy corn for the feathers.
Then some M&Ms for the eyes and icing for the legs.
And then we had to sneak a few M&Ms.
Our finished product.
Next on my list were rainbow cupcakes that I found here. I knew they would take some time to make so I was going to do them during nap time. However, this cutie decided it was a no nap kind of day.
Here are some of the colors of batter.
Fresh out of the oven.
Time for a taste test.
Until the next baking mood hits...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Jillian is 7 months old today. Where in the world did my newborn go? She is a busy girl these days. So busy she doesn't like to bother with sleep much. In fact she is rolling on the floor playing when she should be napping right now :)

She is rolling all over the place these days. She also loves to get up on her hands and knees and rock. I am trying to get her to slow down on the crawling but I don't think I can stop her. She can sit up for a few seconds on her own and then topples over.

She is eating oatmeal cereal and veggies once a day. She also nurses 7 or 8 times a day. She is still refusing to take a bottle. In fact she pushes it away with her hands. We may have to try breastmilk in a sippy cup because I really want to go on my BFE 30th birthday trip in January.

She says da-da all the time! She smiles all the time too! I love having a smiley baby this go round. She loves her baths.

She usually goes to be around 8pm and gets up twice to eat before she is up for the day between 6am and 6:30am. She usually takes 2 naps a day but no today :)

She loves to watch everything Hadley does. I think once she is crawling she will follow Hadley everywhere.

We are going through a little separation anxiety these days. She doesn't like it when I put her down or when I leave the room. But it isn't anything too bad.

I am having so much fun watching her grow and change. I am also enjoying watching the bond between Hadley and Jillian. Hadley loves to see Jillian first thing in the morning and both their faces light up when they see each other.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You know...

You know you are a dad to girls when this is what you look like while watching Monday Night Football.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This weekend did not go as planned. The plan was to head to Kansas on Friday and stay at my mom's. Then on Saturday, Mike, me, Hadley, Jillian and my mom were going to the K-State game. So much for planning. Hadley started coughing and had a fever Thursday night. We decided to go ahead and go to my mom's and see if she got better. That didn't happen. My mom was also feeling under the weather. Mike, Jillian and I still went to the game but left Hadley with my mom. This was a hard decision to make. Hadley had been talking about going to watch K-State football all week. But we knew she would not have any fun while she was sick. So I sent Mike to the store Friday night so when she woke up on Saturday and we were gone she would have something waiting for her. He found her a Disney princess keyboard and she loves it.
We didn't have a great time at the game because our team forgot to show up and play and they lost 38-12.
We headed back home around lunch on Sunday and Hadley still wasn't feeling great. She is still sick. I took her to the doctor today and it is a viral infection. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

This picture of Jillian cracks me up.
Here is one with a smile.

Tailgating at the game.
Game time.

Jillian trying to get Hadley's new toy.