Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am blessed!

The last two days have been very trying days at our house. Hadley has been ornery as ever and that is putting it nicely. I know that it is her age but boy do I want to pull my hair out. I think when Mike left for work today he was worried that one of us might not be here when he got home tonight. And I am sure Jessica and Audra were both wondering what was going on when they called today. I felt like I was on Hadley all morning trying to redirect, taking to timeout or spanking. But then a lady said something to me at the post office and my perspective changed.

As we walked into the post office the line was long and I started worrying about how to keep Hadley entertained, Jillian happy and hold on to my packages. Well God had it under control. There was a sweet lady in front of us and Hadley took to her immediately. They started talking and talked the 15 minutes we were in line. It was great to sit and listen. Hadley was telling her story after story. Towards the end the lady said, "I know you probably don't feel this now but you are so blessed to have these two so close together. They will bring you so much joy." I really needed to hear that. Some days are hard with 2 little kiddos and I let it get me down. But I hope that I can always remember what this lady said. I am blessed! I have two wonderful, beautiful, healthy girls. They may keep me busy but they fill me full of love everyday.

Now to the pictures in this post. Since it was a rough morning I was picking my battles. One I chose not to fight was Hadley wearing her dress-up clothes in public. Here she is ready to go to the post office.

And look at this cutie all ready to go.
Can we say ornery?
Here is where I can find Hadley most of the time. Playing with her prince and princess.

And here is Jillian waiting for her lunch.


grandlady said...

She looks like a bootiful princess and she wasn't even going to a castle. I guess I'm off the hook now. I would of loved to hear the stories she was telling and I bet Jillian just smiled the whole time. See you tomorrow and hang in there. love you

Christie's Endless Craze said...

What a sweet thing to have happen and a perfect day too! Are you coming to KS tonight?

Audra said...

Gosh...blessed is right! AND pretty sure I teared up during this post!