Thursday, August 28, 2008

16 months

Wow, 16 months old. I am still trying to comprehend where the last 16 months have gone. This week I have noticed many times how big Hadley is getting. She seems to be pushing her independence more and more every day. One day she wants me to help feed her and the next she will only do it on her own. One day she will wear and bib and the next she will have nothing to do with a bib.
Her vocabulary is growing day by day. She calls Mike, "Da" and me, "Mommby." She loves to say bubbles when it is bath time. When the phone rings she will say, "lo" for hello. We have two friends that we play with a lot, Alex and Sassy (real name Reagan). She tries to say their names and they come out as , "Ajec " and "assy." It is very cute.
She tries to put her own "oosh" (shoes) on. And loves to help dress herself and really loves to undress herself. She loves to drink out of mommy and daddy's glasses instead of a sippy cup. When outside she wants to push the stroller by herself and not ride in it. She will even stop if you try to help her steer. I don't know where her stubbornness comes from...
The 16 month mark has also brought the tantrum stage with it. Boy can she throw and good one. She gets her whole body into it and screams. Not just a little scream but a scream to break all the windows. Sometimes all I can do is laugh to keep from crying.
I am so proud of my 16 month old and love watching all the changes happen. On that note, I need to thank my wonderful husband for allowing me to stay home and cherish all the wonderful moments with my daughter. Thanks Mike!
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16 months

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sock Puppet

On Monday, Hadley and I made a sock puppet. She really liked it and wanted to put it on her hand and run around with it. Then she took it off looked at it and wanted it on her foot. That is the only place she will put it now.
When I try to put it on her hand she looks at me like, "no mom socks are for feet." I guess there is no fooling her.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Piano Girl

This weekend I was able to go to a wonderful consignment sale. I always find some great deals when I go. This time I got a few great outfits, a Halloween costume and a couple of toys. Hadley latched right on to the piano I bought her. It is the first thing she wanted when she got up this morning. She might be the next Beethoven :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy 83rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandpa. We love you!

Great Visit

We were so lucky this week to have Audra and Lydia come to visit. It was a great time. The girls seemed to get along well and of course Audra and I could not stop talking. Here are some pictures of the visit.

The first day we went to a children's museum. I think it is more of a children's play place. The girls enjoyed it. Everything was kid sized there.

Yummy Corn!

The next American Idol.

Hadley's new do!
Time for a snack on a child size couch!

The weather that night was great so we spent some time outside.
We wore Lydia out so she was doing a little relaxing.
Hadley giving Lydia a ride.

We made a trip to Wal-Mart and the girls got to ride together.

The last night we hung out and watched the Olympics. Here are a few shots of the girls playing.

Here is a video of Hadley making Lydia laugh. Sorry it is side-ways. All you have to do is listen and it will make you smile.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun with Friends

Hadley hosted her first sleep over this week with her friend Lydia. They had a blast and so did their moms. Here is a sneak peek of a few pics. More to come soon.

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Hadley, August 2007

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daddy's girl

This morning while I was getting ready Hadley was playing in our room. She was running around and just having a good time. She got quiet for a minute so I stuck my head around the corner to see what she was up to. This is what I found.
She had pulled a pair of her daddy's boxers out and was running around in them. When I said let's take a picture, she ran and got her camera.


Aunt Audra and Lydia are coming to visit for a few days. We decided to get the jumper out for Lydia. But I guess someone else wants to use it.

Monday, August 18, 2008


This is what Hadley looked like after dinner tonight. She wanted to be independent and feed herself. The applesauce was all the way up both arms, in her hair and all over her face. She went straight to the bath after dinner.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Relaxing Saturday

Not a lot going on at our house this weekend. We have had a relaxing day with nothing planned. The weather is cloudy and around 80 so we have spent a lot of time outside.

Hadley enjoying some playtime.

Hadley supervising dad.

Emme gets to watch from the car.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"There's No Place Like Home"

I am finally getting a post together of everything Hadley did while in Kansas. She was a very busy girl and saw lots of family. I left most of the picture taking to my sister and she hasn't sent them to me yet (Auntie Jessica, do you think you have a life or something?). Here are some of the things Hadley did in Kansas.

Visited her Grandpa-Great and decided she wanted to run around in her diaper only.

Stayed with Grandpa Kent and Grandma Terry.

Was crowned a princess by her cousins.

Didn't want to be a princess any more but wanted cousin Ethan to be a princess.

Got jealous when Grandlady gave attention to someone else.

Was a model in a BFE baby photo shoot.

Learned how to cheese it up for the camera.

Watched her Auntie Jessica take a million pictures.

Cried because she was sick of smiling for Auntie Jessica's pictures.

Laughed at her Grandlady who came out wearing her wedding dress.

Laughed at her mommy and Auntie Jessica who dressed up in masks.
And her favorite part was getting spoiled and loved on by all of her cousins.It was a great trip and we wish we could see everybody more often. We can't wait until next time!