Friday, August 1, 2008

Does anybody speak this language?

Wanted: Translator for unknown language. Please respond ASAP!


Laura said...

"Oh, hi Mommy...I see you've got that silly camera out again, so I'll try to do something entertaining for you. See look, I'm just like a little monkey climbing in this window!
(momentary silence...thinking)

By the way, I was just thinking...we should go visit my cousins Barrett, Norah & Lydia. I sure miss those crazy kids. I was looking at Aunt Lala's blog the other day, and that Barrett is growing so fast. You know, she's done with work now, so we can go visit anytime and they'll be free to play!

I really would like to get have a new picture of the four of us. Especially before Barrett outgrows that cute 'baby mcdreamy' onesie we got him. Okay...guess I'll get back to my climbing. Would you please put that camera away for a bit? I know I'm cute, but I'm trying to play!

The Mom said...

That is so cute, but I only speak K-lish. ;) Love that fountain hair!