Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New toy

We have a new toy at our house, a new camera.  I am so excited but have so much to learn.  I have started reading the manual but have a lot left to go.  I can't wait to learn all about.  For today I just put it on the auto setting and headed out to take some pictures of the girls on this beautiful day.  Here is what I got.
Here are a few from dinner tonight.

I can't wait to learn more and take more pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy, Busy...

Boy have we been busy around here and I really can't tell you what we have been doing.  I guess just living life and enjoying being with our girls.  We have tried to enjoy the nice weather as it comes and goes so fast these days. 

Mike and Hadley have been playing a lot of Memory and boy is she good.
On Saturday, Hadley got to go on a daddy date.  They went to the donut shop, Best Buy, Lowes and the park.  They had a great time.  She even got the movie The Princess and the Frog.  She loves it and has watched it 3 times already.  Here they are before they left on their date.
While they were gone Jillian did one of here favorite things, played with baby dolls. She can even say baby now.  She loves to hug on them.  It is very cute.
Saturday, K-State played in the Elite Eight.  We were all wearing our K-State gear.  It was a sad night because we lost.  They had a great season and we hated to see it come to an end.  Here are Mike and the girls ready for the game.
Check out this silly one.

That night Hadley wanted to get ready for bed.  This is what she was wearing.  In the first pictures she is trying to strike a pose.
On Sunday, Jillian and I made a quick day trip to Kansas.  I wasn't going to let any more time pass before I got to hold Caroline.  She is so precious.
And one last picture of Jillian who is into making faces these days.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Hittle! (Edited with picture)

I am happy to say that one of my best friends, Audra, became the mother of 2 today.  Caroline Reid was born this afternoon.  She weighed in at 8 pounds and 2 ounces and was 20.5 inches long.  I hope mom and baby can get some rest.  I am sure big sister Lydia can't wait to get to the hospital to hold the baby.  She loves all things baby.
Congrats Hittle family.  I can't wait to meet Caroline and give her some love!

I just got a picture of the beautiful new addition.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend inside

We spent the first weekend of Spring inside :(  It started snowing Saturday morning and finally stopped this morning.  We spent Saturday hanging around the house and watching a lot of basketball.  We are very excited that our Wildcats have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!  On Saturday morning when we were getting dressed we were all putting on our K-State shirts.  It really bothered Hadley that Granny didn't have one so she asked daddy for a shirt for Granny.  Here are Hadley and Granny ready for the game.
Granny and Jillian
I think this picture might mean I have been taking too many pictures.
On Saturday afternoon, Hadley decided to take an adventure to Africa.  Here she is with her camera and guide book.  She found coyotes, sloths and snakes.
Here is another wild beast she saw on her adventure.
Hadley loves to hear stories about when she was a baby.  This time she talked Granny into telling her stories about daddy when he was a baby.  She was very interested.
Daddy and his girls, ready for church.
Granny, daddy and the girls.
We had a good weekend.  Hopefully the weather will get warmer this week so we can get back outside.

Friday, March 19, 2010


This morning the girls and I headed to the zoo.  We got there at 9:30 and stayed for 3 hours.  I am so glad we went early.  When we left there were long, long lines to get in to the zoo and even to park.  We had a great time.  The weather was beautiful.  Both girls seemed to have a great time.  This is the first time that Hadley has been really interested in the animals and asked lots of questions.  She walked the whole time and was such a big girl.  Jillian loved watching all the people and was fine as long as she had a snack :)
Ready to see some animals.
Checking out the donkey.
Time for a quick stop at the playground to drive the truck.
Jillian happy as can be with snack in hand.
All aboard the train.
Time for a snack stop.
Since it was Spring Break the zoo had a lot of bounce houses set up.  Hadley tried them all out.
We got home just in time for naps.  After naps Mike's mom (Granny) got here for the weekend.  We wanted to take advantage of the weather so we headed out for a walk to the park.
Jillian got a ride.
Granny and her girls.
Granny brought some fun Easter gifts with her.
It was a great day!


I know I say this every month but where have the last 11-months gone.  Time is flying by, Jillian is 11-months old today.  She is one busy girl.  She loves to follow her sister all over the house and get into whatever Hadley is playing with.  She loves to play with baby dolls.  She will hug them and pat them.  She is walking the majority of the time now.  She can say: mama, dada, halee (Hadley), bye, and hi.  She loves to hear the door open when Mike gets home.  She usually starts waving and saying dada.  She is eating mostly table foods now and only a little bit of baby food.  She still nurses 4 or 5 times a day.  She takes 2 naps a day and still is not sleeping through the night:(  She loves to smile and is a happy baby for the most part.  She has one tooth on the bottom and two coming through on the top.
It has been so much fun watching her grow and change in the last 11 months and I can't believe she will be 1 in a month.  I love being her mom.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loving this weather

We are loving the beautiful weather here.  Sad to hear that it is only here to stay for 1 more day :(  We spent most of the day outside today.   We headed out for a walk after Jillian's morning nap and then stopped to play at one of our neighborhood parks.  Then after lunch and K-State basketball we headed to the other neighborhood parks.  We are all tired tonight.

Jillian loves the stroller as long as it is moving.
Hadley riding her duck friend and yelling, "yee-haw".
Jillian wanted to be big kid and walk all over.
Hello down there!
In the afternoon we took the wagon for a ride.  The girls loved riding together.  Hadley sang to Jillian the whole time.
Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo to enjoy the warm weather again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Did you think we had gone missing?  We are still here.  I just haven't felt like blogging.  Yes sickness has hit are house again.  This time Mike and I have colds.  When I read this years from now I will remember it as the winter that we were sick all the time.  I am ready for Spring to be here to stay.  Here are a few random pictures from the last week.

On Saturday I was able to get away by myself for a couple of hours.  I spent most of the time just walking around Target and the bookstore.  It was very nice, thank you Mike for giving me a much needed break.  While I was at Target I hit up the dollar section and found some new dress up stuff for Hadley.
We have been having some toddler tantrums around here again.  After a major fit and crying in her room, this is how I found Hadley.  Guess she was worn out.
Jillian has become a pro at drinking out of her sippy cup.
She also loves to laugh.
Last night Hadley helped me make homemade pizza.
In other news, we have a full time walker on our hands.  Jillian loves to walk now and it is a cute walk/waddle.  I could not get the video to upload so if you want to see her walk come on down and visit :)