Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I never finished posting about the rest of our weekend.  On Sunday we got up and the girls and I headed to church.  Mom didn't go because she wasn't feeling well.  Turns out she had strep throat. 
Here we are ready for church.
After church the girls got in a little more Lady time before she headed home.
Then it was nap time for all of us.  I told Hadley after naps that we could take a walk because it was so nice out.  When Hadley got up she said her tummy hurt.  I held her for a little bit but she kept asking when we were going for a walk.  I decided we would go.  So we got all ready, got in the stroller, got to the mail box and Hadley lost her lunch.  I guess next time she says, "Mom I don't want to walk I want to ride in the stroller" I will know something is up.  She was not herself the rest of the night but bounced right back the next day.
Here are the girls all ready for our long walk to the mailbox :)
Needless to say we were all very excited when daddy got home that night. We missed him and were very glad to have him home.  I will post pictures of what he was hunting soon. 


Jessica B said...

I love Hadley's expression in the first picture. What a little model.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear your mom got strep! Is she feeling better now? I think I'm finally getting over my crud...it's not fun!

Anxious to see mikes hunting pictures :) Hope he had a fun trip.