Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun with Sarah

In the last week we have been able to get together with our friends Jennifer and Sarah a couple of times.  We usually meet and play about every other week.  But we have been trying to get together as much as possible because they will soon be moving to Connecticut.  We are very sad for them to go but so excited for them to move closer to their families. 
Last week they came over to our house to play.  Of all the toys Hadley and Sarah wanted to play with it was Jillian's train.  Here they are going for a ride.
Then there was a train wreck.
Then yesterday we met them at Kaleidoscope Children's Museum.  Hadley and I had been one time before right after they had opened.  I wasn't impressed then and felt the same about yesterday.  It is not well maintained and needs a lot of work.  The girls seemed to have a pretty good time and then we headed to Red Robin for a fun lunch.
Here is Hadley enjoying the store.
Sarah did a little bowling while Jillian watched.
Sarah on a big dino.
Hadley being a STAR on the stage.
Here is Hadley from August of 2008 when we visited the first time.
What a difference a year and a half makes.
We hope to get together with Jennifer and Sarah a bunch more before they have to leave. But now we have someone to visit in Connecticut.

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