Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trip to Kansas

Last weekend the kiddos and I made a trip to Kansas.  This was Trenton's first overnight trip anywhere.  For the first months of his life he would scream while in the van and we just decided not to travel.  I decided it was time to give traveling a try.  Hadley was out of school that Monday for MLK Day.  We left Saturday after Hadley's basketball game.  Mike stayed home to get some projects done.  The kids were great travelers.  We only had to stop once and Trenton slept all but 30 minutes of the trip to Kansas and the trip back home.  If only he would master sleeping away from home and we would travel a little more.
When we got to my Mom's we picked her up and headed to my Granny and Grandpa's.  We had a great evening of playing,talking,eating and looking at slides.
Jillian and Granny Jean.
 Hadley brought one of her workbooks and was working with Lady on it.
 Lady and Trenton playing together.

 Grandpa Kirby, Granny Jean and the girls.  Don't you love Hadley's snapbead crown?
 Grandpa reading to Jillian.  I love this picture.
 The next day we spent hanging out with Lady.  We had a relaxing morning and Jillian played us a few tunes.
 Hadley loves to hold her brother all the time.  She is such a big helper.
The girls and Lady being crazy on the couch.

 My little man and his smile.

 Avery came down for the afternoon and evening.  We loved seeing her.  The girls could not get enough playing at the park with her.

 We had another relaxing morning on Monday. We also got to go to a birthday party for my friend Laura's little boy, Barrett.  I didn't have my camera for that.
Trenton got in some more cuddle time with Lady.
 Jillian did too.
 Me and my kiddos before we headed home.

 We had one more visit to make before we left.  We went to my Grandpa Sisson's.  He got to meet Trenton for the first time.  Trenton was very excited to meet his Grandpa-Great.
 We had a great trip minus the lack of sleep.   Maybe we won't wait 9 months between trips next time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

6 months

Trenton turned 6 months old on Christmas Day.  Unfortunately he was sick again on his month birthday.  Hopefully he won't be sick when he turns 7 months old.  Trenton continues to change and grow each day.  His personality is coming out more and more each day.  He seems to be a much happier baby these days.  If we could just get the sleep thing figured out we would be good to go.  Oh and maybe get him to open his mouth for the spoon when we try to feed him.  He wants nothing to do with baby food.  As soon as he sees the spoon coming towards his mouth he clamps it shut.  He has also figured out how to spit it back out at mom as soon as it goes in.
Trenton can roll with the best of them these days.  He has figured out how to roll to what he wants and can get to things pretty fast.  Just this week he has been trying to army crawl and will probably be doing that soon.  He has also figured out how to put his binky in his mouth on his own.  He is very interested in toys and is able to "play" a little more these days.  He is starting to sit up for a few seconds on his own.  He is still quite the Mommy's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way :)  There is something about a mommy and her little boy!
When we went for his 6 month check-up he weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces and is 26 1/4 inches long.  He is growing but is by no means a chunk.  We like to call him small and mighty :)

Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot.  Poor sick baby wasn't in the mood for pictures.  You will see at the end how I knew he was done.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Month of December Part 2

In December part 1, I left off at Christmas day.  The day after Christmas started off with a trip to the doctor for Trenton.  He just wasn't acting himself and was pulling at his ear.  Sure enough he had a double ear infection.  Poor guy had 2 ear infections in one month.  After we finished at the doctor and got medicine it was time to get home for our visitors.  Grandpa Kent and Grandma Terry came for visit.  The girls didn't think they had opened enough presents the day before so they got right to opening more.

We decided to go bowling that afternoon.  We had so much fun.  It was the girls first time bowling and they loved it.  They keep asking when we can go again.  Trenton was a trooper and spent most of the time sleeping in my arms.  Here he is ready to venture out in the cold.
Grandma and Hadley waiting their turn.
Hadley's fan club cheering her on.
Daddy teaching Jillian about bowling.

Hadley trying to decide what color of ball to use.
Me and my little man.
Mike and his mini-me.
Grandpa, Hadley and Trenton
A couple of days later we had more visitors.  Mike's sister Tammy and her family came to visit from Maryland.  They were visiting Mike's mom in Kansas and drove down to see us for the day.  The girls could not wait for cousin Thanasi to get here.  They had a great day playing together and the adults had good visit as well.
Tammy and Tony
Thanasi, Jillian and Hadley (this is the best picture I got of the 3 of them).
Trenton hanging out with Granny.
His shirt says is all :)  Not really, he is a great kid and the girls wish they could see him more often.
Auntie Tammy brought Jillian a fun Hello Kitty game.  Everyone had a good time playing or watching the kids play. 

I think that finishes up our month of December.  I don't have any pictures from New Year's Eve.  Mike and the girls when to some friends' house for the evening while I stayed home sick.  It was a busy and fun month.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Month of December part 1

To save time and my sanity this post is going to be long and out of order.  I will apologize now.  Life just isn't slowing down and the time that I have without a child right with me is very little. We are currently dealing with very little sleep at our house.  That being said, I wouldn't trade my life for anything.  And if my blog is what gets neglected so be it.  We have had a busy month and it has been fun.

The Sunday before Christmas we dressed the kiddos up in there Christmas best :)  We tried to take a few pictures before we headed out the door.

That afternoon we did some cookie baking.  We spent a lot of time in the kitchen this Christmas break.  Since we didn't travel we had a lot of time to spend cooking and baking.  The girls helped make cookies.
Trenton didn't get to make cookies or eat them.  Poor guy :(  He did get to have some fun playtime.

Next up was Christmas Eve.  We spent the day hanging out at home.  We had a big ham lunch in our jammies.  Then we got ready and went to the Christmas Eve service at church (no pictures of that).  When we got home the kiddos opened their new jammies and changed into them.  Trenton was very fussy all day and wanted nothing to do with picture taking.  We found out the day after Christmas that he had a double ear infection.  Second one in 2 months, hate when my babies are sick.  Here are some pics of the kids in jammies.

The kids then put cookies and milk out for Santa and some food for the reindeer.  Then they were off to bed.  The next morning they came into bed a little before 6am.  Here they are headed out to see what Santa brought them.  At this point Trenton was still sleeping.
The girls were very excited to see that Santa brought them each an American Girl Doll.  Jillian named her doll Ella (she even has purple glasses like Jillian) and Hadley named her doll Emery Kathryn.  Santa brought Trenton a K-State blanket with his name on it and some baby cereal.  He likes the blanket but has no interest in the food.  The girls also got an Easy bake oven.  When they opened this Hadley started screaming and jumping up and down.  She later told me she was so excited because she knew she couldn't get one because they were too expensive.  Silly girl.  We got the girls a pretend play school set and they have spent hours playing school.

Next up was cinnamon rolls and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

We broke in the Easy Bake oven Christmas afternoon (yes we spent all day in our jammies and it was great).

We also let Trenton try some oatmeal cereal.  We have continued to try food and is reaction has not changed at all.

Here is where things get a little out of order.  One of the first weekends in December we went to breakfast with Santa at Jillian's school.  She goes to school at a United Methodist Church.  It was a fun time.  We at breakfast, the girls talked to Santa and then they got to do crafts, hear a story from Mrs. Claus and pick out presents for Mom and Dad.

That same weekend was the children's Christmas program at church.  Hadley was the cutest donkey I have ever seen.

The first weekend in December we decorated the house for Christmas.
These were the stockings before we got Trenton's.  He now has a KSU stocking to match the girls' and next year Mike and I will have KSU stockings as well.
Calla the elf returned again this year.  She came with a count down to Christmas paper chain.  Calla was an ornery elf again this year.  She drank milk and hid in the fridge, took down the stockings and put up panties, toilet papered the Christmas tree, drew faces on pictures and the fish bowl, and many other things.  We were sad to see her head back to the North Pole.

Next up will be the rest of the month of December.