Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trip to Kansas

Last weekend the kiddos and I made a trip to Kansas.  This was Trenton's first overnight trip anywhere.  For the first months of his life he would scream while in the van and we just decided not to travel.  I decided it was time to give traveling a try.  Hadley was out of school that Monday for MLK Day.  We left Saturday after Hadley's basketball game.  Mike stayed home to get some projects done.  The kids were great travelers.  We only had to stop once and Trenton slept all but 30 minutes of the trip to Kansas and the trip back home.  If only he would master sleeping away from home and we would travel a little more.
When we got to my Mom's we picked her up and headed to my Granny and Grandpa's.  We had a great evening of playing,talking,eating and looking at slides.
Jillian and Granny Jean.
 Hadley brought one of her workbooks and was working with Lady on it.
 Lady and Trenton playing together.

 Grandpa Kirby, Granny Jean and the girls.  Don't you love Hadley's snapbead crown?
 Grandpa reading to Jillian.  I love this picture.
 The next day we spent hanging out with Lady.  We had a relaxing morning and Jillian played us a few tunes.
 Hadley loves to hold her brother all the time.  She is such a big helper.
The girls and Lady being crazy on the couch.

 My little man and his smile.

 Avery came down for the afternoon and evening.  We loved seeing her.  The girls could not get enough playing at the park with her.

 We had another relaxing morning on Monday. We also got to go to a birthday party for my friend Laura's little boy, Barrett.  I didn't have my camera for that.
Trenton got in some more cuddle time with Lady.
 Jillian did too.
 Me and my kiddos before we headed home.

 We had one more visit to make before we left.  We went to my Grandpa Sisson's.  He got to meet Trenton for the first time.  Trenton was very excited to meet his Grandpa-Great.
 We had a great trip minus the lack of sleep.   Maybe we won't wait 9 months between trips next time.

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