Friday, February 1, 2013

7 months

On the 25th of January, Trenton was 7 months old.  We attempted a little photo shoot but he was more interested in trying to get out of the chair.  He is ready to be on the move.  He has mastered sitting up and this has made him one happy boy.  He is able to see more of what is going on now.  He rolls or uses his arms to drag his body across the floor.  He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth all the time.  He will be crawling before we know it.  I wish I could slow time down because I have a feeling he will be into everything before we know it.  Time to put those baby gates back up.  We are still working on the sleeping issue.  It will get better for a few days and then back to only sleeping 2 hours at night.  We are trying to stay more consistent with a schedule which means staying home a lot more.  Kind of hard when you have two little girls involved in a lot of activities.  Trenton has decided that baby food is not all bad.  So far he has had banana, avocado, pear, apple, blueberry and peas.  Apple and pears are by far his favorite.  He still would rather nurse than eat baby food.  I know I say this all the time but we love this boy to pieces and are so glad that he completed our family.  His sisters think the world of him and want to hold and play with him all the time.  He squeals and smiles big every time his daddy gets home from work.  And I know he loves me because the minute I turn my back to walk away he is crying and wanting me to hold him.  I am trying to stop and cherish more of those moments since time seems to be flying by.

 After the photo shoot and getting dressed we had some fun playing in his room.

We love you Little T!

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