Monday, March 11, 2013

8 months

I am a little late (again) with Trenton's monthly post.  He turned 8 months on February 25th.  I took the pictures on the 25th but just haven't gotten around to writing a post until now. 

Trenton is finding ways to move for his 8th month.  He has perfected the army crawl and can get around fast.  I was trying to keep him off of the tile so he didn't get hurt but that is a lost cause now.  A couple weeks after these pictures were taken he has perfected the crawl and is now pulling up on things.  I think it is time to get the baby gates back out.

We are continuing to struggle with sleep at 8 months.  The longest stretch I can get out of Trenton at night is about 4 hours.  We are trying about everything to fix this but it isn't working.  He is reminding me more and more of his oldest sister.  She did finally start sleeping at about age 2 so there is a light way down at the end of a long tunnel.

Food is another struggle.  I was making my own baby food but can't seem to get it as smooth as Little Man would like it.  He eats store bought better than homemade but still doesn't really like it.  He would much rather nurse.

Trenton loves to clap, especially when you say , "Yay Trenton."  He loves his jumper.  He also loves to be where the action is.  The action is usually right where his sisters are and they love having him close by.  They love to play with him and hold him.

Trenton is still a momma's boy and I hope to keep it that way.  Although walking out of the room without hearing crying would be nice occasionally.

Like I say every month we love this Little Man dearly and can't imagine life without him.

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Jessica B said...

Wow, he looks so old in that first picture! He also looks just like his oldest sister in the third picture. Adorable!