Friday, February 26, 2010

Phoenix Day 4

Day 4 in Phoenix was Jessica's birthday.  We spent most of the day relaxing and enjoying our last day there.  We did a little photo shoot for the girls' 1 year birthday invitations.  It was quite an event :)
This is when we knew it was time to stop.  But not before Hadley got in on the action.
 That afternoon it was time for some more shopping.  Yes we love to shop for our girls.  This time it was to Old Navy.  Here is are resident model showing off another new outfit.  She is really into dresses and skirts and I have finally given in.
Hadley and Mike did watch some Olympics together.
Then it was time for a little birthday celebration with cheesecake.
One group shot (minus Matt, he was at work) before we called it a night and had to head home the next day.
Thanks Brysons for best such great hosts.  We had a great time.  Can't wait to see you again in May.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Phoenix Day 3

Day 3 in Phoenix started out with more playing in pajamas.
There was also some wrestling with Uncle Matt.
I think the girls won.  Hadley was the watching from the safety of the chair.
We spent the morning hanging out and letting the "little ones" nap.  Then it was off to do a little shopping.  I struck out for myself but the girls got some clothes and Mike found 2 pairs of shoes.  Here is diva Hadley showing off her new outfit.  She picked the sweater out because if matched Auntie Jessica's.  Hadley is Auntie Jessica's diva in training.  They are two peas in a pod and I love the relationship they have!
That evening Mike,the girls and I stayed home and got carryout for dinner so we could watch the K-State game.  We are fans if you didn't know :)  
Matt, Jessica, and Sophia had dinner plans with some friends that were in town.  The night ended with us watching Olympics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phoenix Day 2

Day 2 in Phoenix was another fun day.  First we let the girls enjoy some fun in there jammies.
This is also when Hadley discovered her new friend, Ella.  Ella is Sophia's stuffed giraffe.  Hadley had to take her everywhere with her including in the car and to bed.
Next we got ready and headed to Phoenix Childrens Museum.  Hadley, Lady and I had gone there last year and it was just as much fun this year.  I love this museum and wish we had one like it in Tulsa.
Hadley's favorite spot again this year was the store area.
Here she was last year in the same spot.

She also loved the beans.
Jessica and Sophia
Jessica's friend Heidi and her daughter Ayden also joined us.  Here is Ayden.
We spent a lot of time in the room for children 3 and under.  The girls loved to crawl around and climb on everything.
They also had these fun nest like chairs and of course we thought it was a great photo opp.
Mike and Hadley spent some time exploring on there own.  Here they are enjoying this tubing that blew air.  You would put the ball in and it would fly all over.
Here are a few shots from the rest of our time at the museum.
After the museum we had lunch and headed back to the condos for some much needed naps.  After naps Hadley got to go with they Sophia to swimming lessons.  She had a great time watching and kept talking about Sophia swimming.  Here they are before lessons.
I love that the suit Sophia is wearing was one Hadley wore.  Here is a picture of Hadley in it.  Of course Hadley was 15 months old before it fit her :)
Up next Day 3.

Phoenix Day 1

Last Thursday we headed to Phoenix to visit my sister and her family.  We had a great time seeing them and I loved getting to love on Sophia.  The bad thing is that Mike and the girls all got sick at some point on the trip and Jillian didn't want to sleep the entire trip.  But we still had a good time and Hadley asked last night if we could go back to Auntie Jessica's.

While we were there we stayed at Jordan and Cammie's condo.  Thanks guys!  It was nice to be so close to Jessica's, it is literally about 10 steps away.  Right when we got there I went to put our bags away and was greeted by this lovely pillow case.

It was nice to have Brennen and Brylee there with us.
After we unpacked and got settled Jessica and Hadley went to pick Sophia from daycare and Mike, Jillian and I picked up some lunch.  We all met back at the condo to let the girls play.

Here is Hadley enjoying some lunch.

After lunch the dads and babies took naps while the rest of us headed to Target.  It is not a visit with my sister without a trip to Target.  Hadley even told Auntie Jessica that we go to Target everyday.  She doesn't let us have any secrets :)
Here is Hadley modeling her new shades.  This is also where Hadley spent a lot of the trip.  My sister has a dog and Hadley doesn't like animals.  She called it her trap.
We spent the rest of the evening letting the girls play and watching the Olympics.  Here are a few more pictures of the night.

10 Months

I am a little late with Jillian's 10-month post. She turned 10 months last Friday but we were on a family vacation to Phoenix.  I will post more on the trip later but now for more about this cutie

She is one busy girl.  Right now her favorite thing to do is to practice taking steps.  Yesterday she took 4 steps in a row.  She is going to be walking all over soon, so watch out world.
She has one tooth on the bottom.
She loves to watch her sister.  She especially loves to laugh at sister.
She is kind of attached to her mommy and this was very evident on our trip.  Many times I would leave the room and she would cry.
She still nurses 5 or 6 times a day.  I am ok with that because that is are quiet cuddling time :)
Sleep is not on the top of her list of things to do.  We did get 4.5 hours in a row last night and hope this continues and gets better.
She loves to play with the kitchen rugs.  You put her down and she goes right to them.
She loved taking toys from her cousin Sophia while we were in Phoenix.
She can wave hi and bye.
She waves to daddy and Hadley when you say time to go night-night.
She takes 2 naps a day.
She can say, mama, dada, bye and I think she is trying to say Hadley, it sounds like ha-ee.
She is not a big fan of baby food these days, I think we will be going to all table foods soon.
She can drink from a sippy cup all by herself.
She moved up to a bigger carseat because she is too long for her infant one.  She is still rear-facing.
She does not like to have her diaper changed or get dressed.  Both of these turn into big wrestling matches.
She loves to play with whatever Hadley is playing with.

She is growing so fast.  I love watching all the new things she does each day.  Here are a few more pictures of our big 10 month-old.