Thursday, February 4, 2010

9 month pictures

We are still alive believe it or not! Jillian has been sick and Hadley has been a very strong willed 2 year old. Needless to say that makes for a really tired mommy and daddy. But we are getting through it and I am patiently awaiting my "Parenting the Strong-Willed Child" book by James Dobson.
We got Jillian's 9-month pictures taken today. Some turned out GREAT and others left a little to be desired. I have posted some of the pictures from the session and if you look through all of them at the end you will find the latest in funny stories from Hadley.
First let me set up what went on before leaving to get pictures taken. Hadley asked to wear a dress so she could be "boo-tiful." I let her pick between two dresses and thought we were good to go. About 30 minutes after getting dressed she started throwing a fit that the dress she was wearing wasn't long like her nightgowns. So I let her pick another one. We get all dressed, get Jillian in her carseat and are ready to head out the door. Hadley starts another fit and says that dress #2 is not long enough as well. I then tell her she can wear the dress she has on or her jean skirt. She says jean skirt and we run to change. We needed to be leaving right then. We start to get the skirt on and she says no she wants to wear the dress she has on. So we head out the door in a mad dash. We are pulling out of the driveway and the screaming begins, "Go back I want my skirt." At this point I throw my hands in the air laugh and turn Sugarland on as loud as I can and start singing. So I am singing, Hadley is screaming and Jillian is babbling and that was the 20 minute ride to the studio.
No wonder this was one of Jillian's pictures.

Then we got some good ones.

Now that you made it through that another Hadley story. Earlier this week Hadley got in trouble, for what has slipped my mind, probably because she has been in trouble more often than not these days. This too shall pass! Back to the story. I spanked her(yes we spank). She then looked at me and said, "Mom it's no use." I think my jaw hit the floor at this point. I then asked her 3 times what she said. I was sure I had heard her wrong. When I asked her what that meant she said, "Mom, it's English." Boy do Mike and I have are hands full or what?


Jessica B said...

Love the pictures. The one with the dark background is adorable.

Christie's Endless Craze said...

Oh Amber. You need to be writing a book yourself. Hadley sure does have a sharp tongue and you deal with it amazingly. Hang in there. Jillian's pictures are really cute! The feathers are great. Love you!

Audra said...

Oh Amber, from one strong willed little girl's mommy to another---I might need to borrow your book :) Susan tells me this is a wonderful trait to have. I think it might be overrated. Pics are so cute. I love that sweater. Hope you have a wonderful day! Love ya

Krista said...

Shepherding a Child's Heart -Tripp and Don't Make Me Count to Three -Plowman are two other very good books. Hang in there!!!!

Amber said...

Thanks everybody.
When she is good she is really good and when she is bad she is really bad:)
Krista, I will check those books out.
Audra, hang in there with LG.