Friday, February 26, 2010

Phoenix Day 4

Day 4 in Phoenix was Jessica's birthday.  We spent most of the day relaxing and enjoying our last day there.  We did a little photo shoot for the girls' 1 year birthday invitations.  It was quite an event :)
This is when we knew it was time to stop.  But not before Hadley got in on the action.
 That afternoon it was time for some more shopping.  Yes we love to shop for our girls.  This time it was to Old Navy.  Here is are resident model showing off another new outfit.  She is really into dresses and skirts and I have finally given in.
Hadley and Mike did watch some Olympics together.
Then it was time for a little birthday celebration with cheesecake.
One group shot (minus Matt, he was at work) before we called it a night and had to head home the next day.
Thanks Brysons for best such great hosts.  We had a great time.  Can't wait to see you again in May.

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grandlady-mom said...

I am looking forward to the fun party. I'm glad you had such a great time together, fun fun. Love you