Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phoenix Day 2

Day 2 in Phoenix was another fun day.  First we let the girls enjoy some fun in there jammies.
This is also when Hadley discovered her new friend, Ella.  Ella is Sophia's stuffed giraffe.  Hadley had to take her everywhere with her including in the car and to bed.
Next we got ready and headed to Phoenix Childrens Museum.  Hadley, Lady and I had gone there last year and it was just as much fun this year.  I love this museum and wish we had one like it in Tulsa.
Hadley's favorite spot again this year was the store area.
Here she was last year in the same spot.

She also loved the beans.
Jessica and Sophia
Jessica's friend Heidi and her daughter Ayden also joined us.  Here is Ayden.
We spent a lot of time in the room for children 3 and under.  The girls loved to crawl around and climb on everything.
They also had these fun nest like chairs and of course we thought it was a great photo opp.
Mike and Hadley spent some time exploring on there own.  Here they are enjoying this tubing that blew air.  You would put the ball in and it would fly all over.
Here are a few shots from the rest of our time at the museum.
After the museum we had lunch and headed back to the condos for some much needed naps.  After naps Hadley got to go with they Sophia to swimming lessons.  She had a great time watching and kept talking about Sophia swimming.  Here they are before lessons.
I love that the suit Sophia is wearing was one Hadley wore.  Here is a picture of Hadley in it.  Of course Hadley was 15 months old before it fit her :)
Up next Day 3.


Audra said...

That museum looks like sooo much fun! Looks like Hadley knows her way around a store! AND you don't look that tired...That is a great pic of you and Jillian.

laura mcpherson said...

You guys did so many FUN things!! I wanna go visit your sister :)

Jillian and Sophia are so adorable together! They are going to have a blast growing up so close in age! Lucky girls!!