Sunday, February 7, 2010

Productive Weekend

This weekend was a very productive one at our house. My mom came on Friday evening to watch the girls while Mike and I worked on cleaning out the office. It has been the room that everything gets piled in and was diving my crazy. We spent all day Saturday cleaning it out and setting up new shelves. We finished up around 11pm. It feels great to have it cleaned and organized.
The girls loved having their Lady here to play. They spent a lot of time playing doll house and reading books. Hadley kept asking Lady if she could stay longer. She was very sad to see her go. When I was putting her to bed she kept asking when she could play doll house with Lady again. Jillian was all smiles for Lady except for Friday night. I think Lady was a little surprised at the little amount of sleep we get at our house :) Although last night was better and I am hoping tonight is a good one as well.

Here are few pics from the weekend. I didn't take very many I was busy cleaning.

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Christie's Endless Craze said...

The pictures you did take were cute! The girls on your bed is just too cute. And Jillian looks like she is enjoying that book and then there is the last picture, brings a tear to my eyes... Your mom in a K-State shirt! Go Karen!!