Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 Months

I am a little late with Jillian's 10-month post. She turned 10 months last Friday but we were on a family vacation to Phoenix.  I will post more on the trip later but now for more about this cutie

She is one busy girl.  Right now her favorite thing to do is to practice taking steps.  Yesterday she took 4 steps in a row.  She is going to be walking all over soon, so watch out world.
She has one tooth on the bottom.
She loves to watch her sister.  She especially loves to laugh at sister.
She is kind of attached to her mommy and this was very evident on our trip.  Many times I would leave the room and she would cry.
She still nurses 5 or 6 times a day.  I am ok with that because that is are quiet cuddling time :)
Sleep is not on the top of her list of things to do.  We did get 4.5 hours in a row last night and hope this continues and gets better.
She loves to play with the kitchen rugs.  You put her down and she goes right to them.
She loved taking toys from her cousin Sophia while we were in Phoenix.
She can wave hi and bye.
She waves to daddy and Hadley when you say time to go night-night.
She takes 2 naps a day.
She can say, mama, dada, bye and I think she is trying to say Hadley, it sounds like ha-ee.
She is not a big fan of baby food these days, I think we will be going to all table foods soon.
She can drink from a sippy cup all by herself.
She moved up to a bigger carseat because she is too long for her infant one.  She is still rear-facing.
She does not like to have her diaper changed or get dressed.  Both of these turn into big wrestling matches.
She loves to play with whatever Hadley is playing with.

She is growing so fast.  I love watching all the new things she does each day.  Here are a few more pictures of our big 10 month-old.

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Laura said...

I can't get over what a big girl she looks like in those pictures of her standing up! I can't wait to see her on Sunday :) Happy 10 months, Jillian Ruth!!