Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo shoot

 A couple of Sundays ago we were ready for church a few minutes early.  I decided we needed to do a mini photo shoot.
Mike thought it was time to teach Trenton the Wildcat sign.

 Me and my kiddos
 I love this little man!
 My two favorite men.
 The kiddos
 Daddy and his kiddos

Pumpkin Patches and Halloween

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday I thought I should post about Halloween.  This post will be a combination of all of our Fall/Halloween festivities.  We had a busy few weeks and enjoyed it all.

The Sunday before Halloween our church had a Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat.  The kids were very excited to wear their costumes.  Hadley was Pocahontas, Jillian was Minnie Mouse and Trenton was a pumpkin.  We had a little photo shoot before we left for the party.

The week before Halloween, Jillian's class took a field trip to a local church's pumpkin patch.  Trenton and I went as well.  It was a fun time with lots of pumpkins and playing.
Jillian with her good friend Jillian.

Jumping off of the hay bales was a big hit.
She didn't want to get very close to the scarecrow.
Jillian pushing Jillian around the patch.
Trenton chilling in his stroller.
Examining the inside of a pumpkin.
Time to pick a pumpkin to take home.
During Fall break we took a trip to one of our favorite pumpkin patches, Livesay Orchards.  We met Jill and her kids there.  We had a great time even though it was the windiest day of the year.

On Halloween Hadley's class had a Fall Party.  Jillian, Trenton and I joined in on the fun.  They had crafts, games, cooking making and pizza for lunch.

The day before Halloween, Jillian's class had a Fall Festival.  Trenton and I joined her class during their time.  Jillian really enjoyed the bouncy house and pumpkin bowling.  They also had a costume parade.

October was a fun and busy month!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lady and Uncle Alex visit

The weekend before we stayed at the new house for good, Uncle Alex and Lady came to help us move.  We spent that weekend cleaning out storage units and unpacking those boxes.  We had toys for the girls to play with and a few things set up for Trenton.  Lady kept the kids busy while the rest of us moved things.  Lady also managed to avoid the camera that weekend.

Uncle Alex meeting Trenton for the first time.  The girls wanted to be with Uncle Alex the whole weekend and can't wait to see him again at Thanksgiving.

The kiddos enjoying the family room with no furniture.

Time to wake Uncle Alex up.

Trenton wondering what in the world was going on.

George the Giraffe

During the month of October Hadley was Star Student for the week.  During that week she got to be the line leader and take a poster that had things about her on it.  At the end of the week she got to bring George the Giraffe home for the weekend.  George came with his own bag, pillow and book to read.  We had to take picture of what we did with George and then Hadley wrote about it.  George came home on the weekend we were moving so it was a little hectic but we remembered to take a few pictures.

George and Hadley doing her Everyday Math Homelink.
Ready for bed.

George and Hadley after her soccer game.  George stayed home so he didn't get wet from the rain.

Hadley loved having George visit.