Thursday, February 25, 2010

Phoenix Day 3

Day 3 in Phoenix started out with more playing in pajamas.
There was also some wrestling with Uncle Matt.
I think the girls won.  Hadley was the watching from the safety of the chair.
We spent the morning hanging out and letting the "little ones" nap.  Then it was off to do a little shopping.  I struck out for myself but the girls got some clothes and Mike found 2 pairs of shoes.  Here is diva Hadley showing off her new outfit.  She picked the sweater out because if matched Auntie Jessica's.  Hadley is Auntie Jessica's diva in training.  They are two peas in a pod and I love the relationship they have!
That evening Mike,the girls and I stayed home and got carryout for dinner so we could watch the K-State game.  We are fans if you didn't know :)  
Matt, Jessica, and Sophia had dinner plans with some friends that were in town.  The night ended with us watching Olympics.

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