Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trip to Kansas

I have been meaning to get this post written but can't seem to get it done.  Jillian and I have both been sick.  We went to my doctor on Monday and the pediatrician's office on Tuesday.  I am so ready for warm weather and feeling better.  Knock on wood Hadley is still feeling great and has been really well behaved for a sick mommy.

Last Friday we headed to Kansas for my dad's retirement reception and dinner.  My dad is officially retired from the state of Kansas after 30+ years of service.  Thanks dad for all your years of hard work.

Here he is giving a speech at the reception.  I hope he could be heard over my 2 loud daughters.  I think they were trying to steal the show from Grandpa.
Grandma and Grandpa at the reception
Here is Jillian not wanting to sit still while Grandpa talked.
Jordan, Cammie, Brylee, and Brennen were there also.
I don't know how I missed getting pictures of Hadley and she was all decked out in her new dress and sweater like Auntie Jessica's.  I also didn't get any pictures of Mike.  He got sick and spent most of the time resting in the car.
On Saturday we were able to head out to Mike's mom and stepdad's house.  Here is Jillian checking out Granny and playing with Granddad.
Time for Legos with Granny.

On Sunday we headed to my mom's for a quick visit.  We had missed Ethan's birthday party the day before and wanted to give him his gift.
Here he is with his mommy, Eryn.
Then it was time to check out Jillian.
Hadley was busy trying to catch her Uncle J and turn him into a Wildcat fan.
After that we headed to Braum's for ice cream for Norah Kate's birthday.  I am sad to say my camera messed up and none of the pictures from that made it.  We had a great time but all the kiddos were ready for naps when we were done :)  Then we headed back home and have been trying to get well.

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