Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loving this weather

We are loving the beautiful weather here.  Sad to hear that it is only here to stay for 1 more day :(  We spent most of the day outside today.   We headed out for a walk after Jillian's morning nap and then stopped to play at one of our neighborhood parks.  Then after lunch and K-State basketball we headed to the other neighborhood parks.  We are all tired tonight.

Jillian loves the stroller as long as it is moving.
Hadley riding her duck friend and yelling, "yee-haw".
Jillian wanted to be big kid and walk all over.
Hello down there!
In the afternoon we took the wagon for a ride.  The girls loved riding together.  Hadley sang to Jillian the whole time.
Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo to enjoy the warm weather again.

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