Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend inside

We spent the first weekend of Spring inside :(  It started snowing Saturday morning and finally stopped this morning.  We spent Saturday hanging around the house and watching a lot of basketball.  We are very excited that our Wildcats have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!  On Saturday morning when we were getting dressed we were all putting on our K-State shirts.  It really bothered Hadley that Granny didn't have one so she asked daddy for a shirt for Granny.  Here are Hadley and Granny ready for the game.
Granny and Jillian
I think this picture might mean I have been taking too many pictures.
On Saturday afternoon, Hadley decided to take an adventure to Africa.  Here she is with her camera and guide book.  She found coyotes, sloths and snakes.
Here is another wild beast she saw on her adventure.
Hadley loves to hear stories about when she was a baby.  This time she talked Granny into telling her stories about daddy when he was a baby.  She was very interested.
Daddy and his girls, ready for church.
Granny, daddy and the girls.
We had a good weekend.  Hopefully the weather will get warmer this week so we can get back outside.

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