Sunday, August 24, 2008

Piano Girl

This weekend I was able to go to a wonderful consignment sale. I always find some great deals when I go. This time I got a few great outfits, a Halloween costume and a couple of toys. Hadley latched right on to the piano I bought her. It is the first thing she wanted when she got up this morning. She might be the next Beethoven :)


Anonymous said...

Alex will have to teach her a few easy songs. Have a great day! Love The Mom

Laura said...

LOVE the piano!! It's just her size. Barrett played on one Addison had the other day, so maybe I can find him one too. He and Hadley can play duets :)

I'm going to my first consignment sale next week and I'mso excited! Hope I find some goodies too. Hope you're having a good week--I know you're busy! Love you!

Alex T. said...

Im going to have to teach that girl the "proper" way to play! :)