Friday, August 15, 2008

"There's No Place Like Home"

I am finally getting a post together of everything Hadley did while in Kansas. She was a very busy girl and saw lots of family. I left most of the picture taking to my sister and she hasn't sent them to me yet (Auntie Jessica, do you think you have a life or something?). Here are some of the things Hadley did in Kansas.

Visited her Grandpa-Great and decided she wanted to run around in her diaper only.

Stayed with Grandpa Kent and Grandma Terry.

Was crowned a princess by her cousins.

Didn't want to be a princess any more but wanted cousin Ethan to be a princess.

Got jealous when Grandlady gave attention to someone else.

Was a model in a BFE baby photo shoot.

Learned how to cheese it up for the camera.

Watched her Auntie Jessica take a million pictures.

Cried because she was sick of smiling for Auntie Jessica's pictures.

Laughed at her Grandlady who came out wearing her wedding dress.

Laughed at her mommy and Auntie Jessica who dressed up in masks.
And her favorite part was getting spoiled and loved on by all of her cousins.It was a great trip and we wish we could see everybody more often. We can't wait until next time!

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