Thursday, August 7, 2008


We have a new friend at our house. His name is "Melmo."

Hadley and "Melmo" just met for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was in a hurry to get ready so we could leave and needed something to occupy her. I did the thing I told myself over and over again that I wouldn't. Turned the tv on for her to watch. Sesame Street happened to be on.

It actually kept her attention for the 10 minutes I needed. And that was that. Well, I decided to DVR a couple of episodes just in case of emergency. I told my mom to use them if she needed to while we were in Texas. That was during the time that Hadley wasn't feeling well and watched them and enjoyed them.

Now in the mornings while Mike and I are getting ready we turn Sesame Street on and Hadley watches it in our bed. I figure how bad can 30 minutes of tv be for her. I watched tv as a child and I turned out somewhat normal.

This past couple of days I have been sick so we have watched a couple of episode together. And now we have a new word at our house. Elmo is now "Melmo." Here is a video of Hadley this morning singing "Melmo" while she played outside.

Also, a couple of cute pictures from her time outside.


stephanie said...

well ELMO was famous at our house for ever with Lydia. You even bought a book for her. ELMO is great and fun to hear his laugh. Great that she loves ELMO. Take care.

Laura said...

So cute! I think she'll be just fine with 30 minutes of Elmo a're right, we turned out okay :)