Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Day of School for Hadley

Hadley finished up school on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.  It was a hard day for her.  She wasn't quite ready for school to be over and said more than once that she would be ok with going to school all summer.  She has a love for school.  She also loved her teacher Mrs. Green and her assistant Mrs. Frank.  Good news is that Mrs.Green is looping with her class to 1st grade.  It will be so nice for Hadley to know her teacher and not have to go through the getting to know you phase at the beginning of the school year.  We know 1st grade will be just as awesome as Kindergarten was for her.  The sad news is that Mrs. Frank will stay assisting in Kindergarten.  Hadley was very upset about this but Mrs. Green assured her she could go visit Mrs. Frank next year.

Here is Hadley on the first day of Kindergarten with Mrs.Green.

And here she is on the last day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Green.

Here she is with Mrs. Frank.

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