Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot days

This summer has been one of the hottest summers ever.  I never thought I would be so excited to finally see highs in the 90's. I am hoping the cooler weather is here to stay.  I am also hoping that our air conditioner holds up.  Last Tuesday when the high hit 113 our A/C decided to quit working.  The girls and I spent the hottest part of that day at the pool. 
The day before that I had decided to document what we were doing to beat the heat.  We started the day dancing to our Vacation Bible School DVD. 
 Then on to hours and hours of coloring.  I kid you not this girl could color all day.
 Time to check the temperature, a cool 111 degrees.
 Time to get in the toy box and play.

 Video game time while mom makes a meal.
 And maybe some dancing in the kitchen.
I am sure we did a few more things but these are all the pictures I had.

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