Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiddie Park

We have been wanting to make a trip to the Kiddie Park all summer.  With it being so hot and lots of busy weekends we just had not made it.  This last weekend we had no plans and our friends Jill and Philip were planning to go, so we decided it was a great time to go.  I am glad we did because it was the last night they were open for the season.  Just like the times before the kids had a blast!  It was warm but nothing unbearable.  The girls both loved the "bummpy" cars.  Hadley was the driver and I might be a little scared of our future :)

Here are the girls ready to go have some fun.
 The first ride the girls picked was the roller coaster.  We had just read a book from the library called Roller Coaster" and Jillian was very excited.  Once we got closer in line she got quiet and asked if I was riding with her.  I decided to avoid crying during the ride I better join them.  We all three crammed into the little seat and were ready for fun.  It was a fun time but jerked you around.  Jillian didn't really care for it but Hadley loved it.
 This is Jillian saying no more roller coaster.

 Time for the bumper cars or bumpy cars as the girls call them.  They loved these so much we had to wait in the long line to ride them twice.  Once Hadley figured the pedals out they were could to go and they loved running into Peter and Harry.  Of course Peter and Harry loved running into them as well.

 The next ride Hadley and Peter wanted to ride on was the Tilt-a-Whirl.  Jillian and Harry were not as excited and decided a train ride would be better.  I am glad they opted for a train ride because I think Jillian would have been green after this ride.  There was a little girl that I was afraid wasn't going to make it on the ride.  Luckily Peter and Hadley loved it.
 I love this picture.  Peter and Hadley can have a great time together and they can get on each other's nerves as well.  They are quite competitive with each other. They got along great this night.  We will probably have to use this picture to tease them as they get older.
  Time for a groovy picture.  Too bad I couldn't get everyone to look at me at once.

 Poor Caroline was too young to ride anything by herself.  I am sure next year she will be loving it all.  Jill decided to take her on a ride with all the kiddos.  I think they all enjoyed it.
 The last ride of the night for us was the carousel.  This has always been a favorite of Hadley's.

We had a great night and can't wait to go back next summer.

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