Tuesday, May 21, 2013

April recap

Since it is almost the end of May it is time for my post about April :)  April is always a busy month for us with two birthdays.  This year we also threw in a trip to Texas as well.  Mike had a conference to attend and we decided to tag along.  We spent 2 nights in Austin and 2 nights in Grapevine (right by Dallas).  It was a fun trip during the days but the nights were awful.  Trenton was up every hour each night and was not a fan of his pack and play.  It was on this trip that we decided we would not be overnight traveling for a very long time.
I took my big camera but did not use it much. Honestly I didn't take many pictures at all.  I was chasing 3 kiddos around while Mike was in the conference and didn't have time for pictures.

Here are a couple of pictures from the ride down.  We had about an hour of crying but other than that is was a smooth 8 hour trip.

  We spent the first 2 days of our trip in Austin.  We had a great time exploring Austin.  The kiddos and I went to the children's museum one day and the animal sanctuary the other day.
The first day we woke up in Austin was Jillian's 4th birthday!  Here is the big 4 year old.
 Ready for an adventure.
 At the Austin Children's Museum

 My big girls walking back to the hotel.
 Playing at the park.
 At the Austin Animal Sanctuary

 Look at Little Man's eyes after a long night. Can we say tired!

 After being in Austin for a few days we headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.  We love that place.  The kids love it because there is always something to do.  Mike and I love it because we never have to leave the hotel and the kids stay entertained.  The girls we super excited to get their own bunk bed room.

Jillian was worn out.  This was while we were waiting for dinner to be delivered to our room. 

After we got back from our trip we had a couple days of rest and then it was Hadley's birthday.  She had school on her birthday so Daddy went to eat lunch at school with her.  She loved that.  Then that night we had Buffalo Wild Wings (surprise, surprise) for her birthday dinner and cupcakes to celebrate both girls' birthday.  Jillian is in her pajamas because she had just gotten home from soccer practice in the rain and had to get out of her wet clothes.

Lady got to town that night just in time to tuck the Birthday girl into bed.  She thought it was really special that Lady would come on her birthday. 
The next day we had Jillian's tumbling performance.

After tumbling we went home had a quick lunch and then right back out for Jillian's soccer game.  Seems to be a typical weekend these days, run, run, run.
The next day the girls did a craft project with Lady.  The made their own paper.

I know that is not everything we did in April but it is all I can remember for now.  I like the call my memory problem "mommy brain."

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