Monday, April 4, 2011

Lucky Number 7

Here is our soccer girl.
 She is loving soccer.  They had their first game on Saturday morning.  She ran hard!  She hasn't quite figured out that you are to kick the ball away from the other team.  She prefers to run and chase the person with the ball.  We will work on kicking the ball later for now she can run to her hearts content. 
When they were warming up she kicked the ball into the goal and yelled, "Mom I gored."  I guess she wanted to combine scored and goal. 

 Here are Hadley and Daddy having a talk about what to do in the game.  Mike and I have learned we might be the "loud" parents at soccer.  We are being supportive and giving pointers (like we are the pros).  We might have to be a little quieter at the next game.

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