Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ralph S. Mouse

We have a bedtime routine that is the same each night.  First I read a book to the girls together.  Next we pray as a family and then sing a few songs.  After that I take Jillian and put her in bed.  Mike tucks Hadley in bed and tells her a story.  He has the tough job of coming up with a different story each night.  One night he started telling Hadley stories about a mouse.  She has an imaginary friend named Mouse that she talks about all the time. The stories Mike was telling Hadley were based on the Mouse and the Motorcycle books by Beverly Cleary.  For Christmas I got Hadley and Mike the 3 book set about Ralph S. Mouse.  Mike and I both remember reading these books when we were in elementary school.  Now Mike is reading them to Hadley.

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