Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Today was a snow day at our house.  Hadley was so excited that we got enough snow to play in.  She started begging to go outside the minute she got up.  We decided to document our day in pictures.
We started our day with cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

 Hadley wanted to make a mean face for this next picture. 
 Next up were some cartoons while mommy cleaned a little.

 Jillian watched tv for about 5 minutes and then was on to something new.  She decided to play prince and princess.
 I had held the beasts off as long as I could.  We had to go out in the the single digit wind chill and play in the snow.  I think we spent about 20 minutes getting all bundled up.  Hadley loved the snow and would have stayed out all day.  The cold did not bother her at all.  Jillian was a different story.  She started crying the minute we got outside and would only move if I was holding her hand.  I finally started feeling pretty cold and decided I better get the girls inside. Jillian was running for the door as soon as I said it was time Hadley was not convinced.  So I pulled out the bribe card.  I finally lured her in with snack, Toy Story and a bowl of snow to eat.

 After snack it was time for some video game playing.
 And baby doll feeding.
 Then it was lunch time.  Daddy came home to have lunch with us.

 Before nap Jillian decided to run around in a diaper and heels.
After nap we did some puzzles.

 The rest of our afternoon included dancing, cleaning, laundry and making dinner.  After dinner and bath it was wrestle with daddy time.

That was our snow day and I just found out we have another one tomorrow.  I am sure Hadley is going to be sad that she doesn't have school.  She loves school.  I am a little sad because Friday is grocery shopping day and grocery shopping with both girls is not my idea of fun.  I am sure we will survive and find lots to fill our next snow day with!

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Jessica B said...

Looks like a fun day to me. I love all the pictures. Jillian's face in the snow made me laugh. :) I like the girls' placemats. Did you get them from the place I told you about?