Saturday, January 22, 2011

K-State day

Lately before I get Hadley dressed in the morning she will ask, "Mom, is today a K-State day?".  We usually wear K-State clothes on game days and that is what she means.  So this morning I was able to say yes and she was all decked out in her K-State gear.  K-State played Texas A&M today and lost but it was all ok because we had Philip, Jill and family over to watch the game.  It was a fun time.  The men and Caroline watched the game while Jill and I talked and were on kiddo patrol.  The kids did a little cheering for their teams.  We have quite the family rivalries going and Hadley gets real fired up about her Wildcats :)
Here all are all the kiddos decked out to cheer on their teams. (I actually didn't take these pictures until they were leaving but it is all the same.)
Hadley, Harry, Jillian, Peter, and Caroline

 I thought this was a really cute picture of Peter and Jillian.

We also managed to make the boys play the Pretty, Pretty Princess game.  Peter made Jill wear his jewelry in the game but Harry was ok with putting his on and he won! (Philip and Jill don't kill me for these pictures)

And we can't leave cutie pie Caroline out.
It was a fun day and having friends over made the loss easier to take.

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