Friday, January 14, 2011

Week Wrap-up

I am not really sure where this week went.  It was not jammed packed with stuff but just enough to keep us busy.  I am so glad it is Friday.  Mike has been working a ton this week and we are ready for some daddy time. 
Hadley hasn't been napping for about 5 months now.  She does have to have rest/quiet time in her room for about 45 minutes.  After that it is usually mommy and Hadley time until Jillian wakes up from her nap.  Most days Hadley either wants to do "school work" or some sort of craft.  This week she has really been into writing and drawing.  She has been writing letters and her name for awhile now but not other words.  One afternoon this week she said, "Mom look, I wrote Elmo."  I looked over expecting to see a bunch of scribbling but this is what I saw.

She is just amazing me more and more each day.  Today she was doing addition in one of her workbooks. 
Another new skill that she has mastered is getting herself dressed.  She has been able to put her clothes on for awhile now but needed me right there to help keep her on track.  Just this week she has started to get herself completely dressed all on her own.  All I have to do is put the clothes out that she is wearing (I am not going to give up control of matching yet).  She is getting to be such a big girl. 

Speaking of big girls... Jillian had her last Little Gym class this week.  She has changed so much since we started it.  She still isn't a huge fan of the class and wants to leave early so we aren't doing it again.  But she had a good time during her last class.
Playing before class starts.
Self portrait with mommy.
Time for class.
 This is as close to the bouncy that she will get while it is on.  It is pretty loud and she wants nothing to do with it until they turn it off.  Then she will run up and down it until all the air is out.

 Time for her medal (which she wore for the rest of the day and was so proud to show Hadley).
We are going to try an art class starting next week and see if she likes that better than Little Gym.  One thing I did learn that she liked this week was playing with beans.  This was an activity that Hadley used to love and we hadn't done it in a long time. Then out of the blue this week Hadley asked for the beans to play with.  This was Jillian's first time playing with them and she really seemed to enjoy herself.

 Here is Hadley at 21 months playing with beans.
Another activity that is keeping Jillian busy is reading.  She loves to just sit in the chair and read.  Hadley started this at a young age and still does this all the time.  I love watching my girls enjoy books because Mike and I both really enjoy reading.
 Here is another flashback.  This is Hadley at 21 months with her good friend Sarah.
That about wraps up what we have been doing this week.  We have a busy weekend planned with 2 birthday parties, dinner with our Sunday school class and hopefully some good family time.

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Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture! Look how young they were. Miss you girls a lot!!!