Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Saturday

Yesterday Mike and I were able to head to Stillwater to watch K-State play Oklahoma State in basketball.  I was really excited to go.  I hadn't seen K-State basketball in person since my senior year in college.  We had a good trip but didn't get to see a K-State victory.  The game was pretty ugly.  Kane and Audra met us there and they were great company.  We watched the game and then went to Mexico Joe's for a late lunch.  Hopefully that next time we watch K-State basketball we will be celebrating a victory.
Mike and I before we left for the game.
The Wildcats warming up.
Audra and me
Mike and Kane
Granny (Mike's mom) came down on Friday night and watched the girls on Saturday.  Hadley could not wait for her to get here.  I think on Friday she asked no less than 50 times when Granny would be here.  They asked Granny to play before she was all the way in the door. 
First up was a little singing and dancing.
Then they had to show her all their new toys.

Today we had a church and are spending the day at home.  It just started snowing so we are staying in where it is warm.

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