Friday, January 7, 2011

Always remember... (Jillian edition)

Here is another post of things I don't want to forget about Jillian at this stage.
Here are a few of the cute things Jillian is saying these days.
  • Hada (Hadley)
  • JayJay (Jillian)
  • Momma
  • Dadda
  • Laylee (Grandlady)
  • memees (Jammies)
  • Elmo
  • pic (pickle)
  • bugbug (Ladybug)
  • PhiPhi (Sophia)
  • Ess (Auntie Jessica)
She has more words but those are just a few that I love to hear her say.
Jillian is really developing a great personality these days.  She has been such a joy to watch.  She is starting to really play with a purpose.  She loves to play with babies, cook in the play kitchen, read books and drive her Little People vehicles around.
She is really interested in everything Hadley does.  I love to watch her do exactly what Hadley is doing.  I could sit and watch them forever but it is usually stopped when I have to break up some sort of argument.  Jillian has really taken to hitting Hadley or pulling Hadley's hair when Hadley does something she doesn't like.  We are trying to fix that but disciplining and getting a 20 month old to understand are hard work.
Jillian loves when Mike gets home from work.  She goes running to the laundry room the minute she hears the door.  She is quite the daddy's girl in the evenings.  It is very fun to watch Mike with his girls.
When we take Hadley to school the minute Jillian sees the church she starts yelling, "Hada ool" (Hadley's school).
I am sure there are many more things I don't want to forget but these are just a few that come to my mind.

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