Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold outside

We are having some cold weather here.  It is the kind of cold that makes you not want to leave the house.  I am sure it is not as cold as my Aunt and family have it in Minnesota, but it is cold.  We haven't been doing much but playing around the house and not leaving.  We get out only to take Hadley to school and dance.  Good thing I stocked up on groceries last week.  We did get a little bit of snow but not enough to amount to anything.  Hadley is still itching to build a snowman so I hope we get more snow sometime.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.
While Hadley was at school this morning, Jillian and I had a floor picnic with popcorn.
 Jillian loves to have all the toys to herself when Hadley is at school.  She decided to work on her hair styling skills.
 Both girls have very dry skin in the winter.  Sometimes Hadley cries because her hands are cracked and hurt so bad.  To remedy this we put on lots of lotion and then some gloves to help it soak in.  Jillian decided she wanted to keep the gloves on for a long time.
 Time for some playing together.

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