Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

We got hit by a blizzard today and it left us with 16 inches of snow at our house.  With some drifts well over 3 feet.  In some states that may not seem like much (like Maine which Mike has reminded me of numerous times today, he lived there for 3 years). But in Oklahoma that 16 inches shuts the state down. In fact many of the highways around here were closed today.  I have a feeling nobody will be going back to school this week either.  If only it would warm up a little to go play in.  I felt like -13 windchill was little too cold for the girls, especially since Jillian is just getting over an ear infection.  Instead of going out in the snow we brought it in again.

 Mike stayed home from work and enjoyed the day with us.  We spent part of the morning playing play-doh.

Around noon when it was still snowing Mike went out to see how much we had gotten.  He wasn't dressed for the snow and our ruler got buried (we don't have a yard stick).

 After lunch and rest time Mike headed out to shovel snow.  Here he is ready to go.
This is what he walked out to.
 Here are some of the backyard and front porch when it was still snowing some.

Mike spent almost 2 hours shoveling and still has more to shovel.  What a great husband for letting me stay in and make snow ice cream with the girls.  Jennifer sent me the recipe.  It is 3 cups snow, 2T milk, 1/4c. sugar, 1t vanilla, mix and enjoy.  We added chocolate.  The girls loved it!

Looks like we will be snowed in for another few days.  Good thing I didn't use all my tricks today!  We will see what tomorrow brings.  Hadley did have a little cabin fever today, I think she was wishing she could have gone to tumbling today.
And just one more shot off my wonderful, handsome and hard working snow shoveler.  He must have worked really hard because during prayers tonight Hadley thanked God for her best hard working daddy.  It was very cute.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

Adorable post! And I am sure you have plenty tricks up your sleeve :)

Jessica B said...

Love the post. I was thinking about you guys all day and wondering how you were keeping the girls occupied. :) Everyone around here is freaking out because our high tomorrow is only 48 degrees. :)

mkbennett01 said...

Amber and Mike,
I enjoy all your pictures and Amber you should be wrighting a book .you are so great at sharing your stories .thanks so much it keeps me up to date with you all . Marlene tells me all the time about the girls but it's great to read your letters and see pictures. I watch them grow. love to all ,
Aunt Kathy