Sunday, February 6, 2011

More snow days...

We continued to be snowed in on Thursday and Friday.  I didn't take many pictures because we continued to do many of the same things.  We played with lots of play-doh, lots of games, lots of block building and lots of craft time.  I had my moments of going stir crazy but then they would pass.  I did realize during these days that sometimes I don't "play" enough with the girls.  I am usually trying to clean and do other things around the house while they are playing by me.  With everything done, I was able to play more and had a good time.  I hope that I can continue to take more time to play! 
Tuesday to Thursday we did a pretty good job of not watching too much tv.  That changed on Friday.  Hadley woke up coughing and just didn't feel good.  We declared it movie day and spent most of the day watching movies and playing on the living room floor.  Here was our movie viewing area.
 After a morning of movies it was time for something else.  I decided a bath and some bath crayons would be fun.  The girls loved it and I had to take them out when they turned into prunes.

While we were doing all this inside it was snowing again outside.  We got 4 more inches during the day on Friday and another inch that night.  Crazy!  Now some people are wondering why we were snowed in for so long.  The roads here have been horrible.  We are very lucky that Mike has a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  I don't think the city was prepared for the amount of snow that we got.  It was so bad that church was canceled today and they have canceled school again tomorrow.  It is mostly due to the roads in the neighborhoods.
When Mike got home on Friday I was begging to get outside.  I shoveled the new snow from the driveway and then begged him to take us out to eat.  We headed to Applebee's but it was closed so next down the road was Chile's.   It was nice to be out of the house for a little bit.  When I told Jillian we were going bye-bye she started clapping and cheering.  It was very cute. 
On Saturday morning we decided to spend the morning running errands.  One of the errands we ran was picking up our mail from the post office.  We had not gotten mail since Monday and they were not delivering on Saturday.  I had to wait in line for 30 minutes to get our mail.  We also did some grocery shopping with the rest of the town :)  Target was packed but they seemed to have some pretty stocked shelves.  The only things they did not have were eggs and milk.  Luckily Aldi had eggs.  After a morning of running around we spent the rest of the day at home.  We ended Saturday with a family movie night.  We watched Toy Story 3.
Hadley woke up coughing in the middle of the night Saturday and hasn't stopped.  She hasn't felt good all day. Mike took her to urgent care and they gave her antibiotics for an infection.  I hope she starts feeling better soon.
Here is a picture of the girls and Mike cuddling today.
They are calling for more snow on Tuesday and Wednesday but I am hoping they are wrong!

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