Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day #2

Snow day #2 started with pancakes made by Mike.  That is one of my favorite ways to start a morning.  After that Mike decided to make the trek to work for a few hours.  He said the roads were not the best but his 4-wheel drive helped.  He did see lots of abandoned cars and trucks along the way.  At one point there was a semi blocking 3 of the 4 lanes.  Not my idea of fun.  While Mike was at work we brought some more snow inside to play with.

Here is a another view of the backyard.
We tried to keep as busy as we could today.  Tomorrow we will be at home again all day and I am running out of new ideas of things to do.  The girls have done very well but you can tell they are starting to get a little "cabin fever."  After playing with snow we decided to build a zoo for all the animals.  This kept us busy for an hour.

After Hadley's quiet time Mike took her out for some fun in the snow.  It is still very cold so they were only out for about 20 minutes.  I would just like to point out that yes, Hadley is being pulled around in a Rubbermaid container.  We are bad parents and don't own a sled.  Last year they used a cookie sheet.  Maybe they are moving up.

 This is the result of all of Mike's hard work yesterday.
 One happy girl!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Snow Day #3.

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